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Love Rain - 사랑비
Cast: Jang Keun Suk, Yoona
Broadcast network: KBS2TV
Broadcast period: 26th March 2012
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55(Korean Time)

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Wednesday, 28 March 2012 - 14:52

Episode 1 Recap - #

The episode starts off with Seo In Ha saying " 1, 2, 3. In only 3 seconds, I've fallen for her." as he walks past Kim Yoon Hee and turns to look at her.

Seo In Ha is sitting painting and decides to open the window and quickly glances outside and walks away but something out of the corner of his eye catches his attention and he turns to look again and there he sees her. Outside on the bench reading. (Love the instrumental playing here.) "At first glance, I was hypnotized" Seo In Ha voice saids. (Love his expressions in this scene.) He watches her a bit more before grabbing his drawing pad and began to draw her.,

Now his friends are in the coffee shop and Lee Dong Wook enters and they ask if Seo In Ha is meeting them as well but then realize he is probably at the studio where he usually is and likes to be alone. Anyways their talk turns towards Lee Dong Wook and Seo In Ha's fight later that night. This time Lee Dong wook said they are wagering on a girl. Now they don't believe him as they have never seen Seo In Ha talking to a girl but Lee dong Wook insists that Seo In Ha fell in love at first sight.

Seo in Ha smiles as he watches Kim Yoon Hee scratch an itch and goes back to drawing and when he looks again he seems that she is gone. As he couldn't see here anywhere near he runs out of the studio to the bench area and looks around and continues to look for and and bumps into somebody. He apologizes and goes to help her pick up the items and when turns to look he realizes that it was her and continues to watch her and suddenly he feels his heart beat very quickly. Yoon Hee turns noticing him looking at her and In ha looks back down and goes back to picking up his items and as they both get up they bump heads. "Sorry" In Ha saids bowing and handing back her books. She bows back and saids, "Thank you." and walks away. In Ha grabs her arm to stop her and starts to say "That..." But then ends up saying "No, its nothing." Then walks away.

Suddenly an announcement comes on asking all students to stay where they are and salute the flag as they play the national anthem. In Ha turns to look at Yoon Hee and slowly moves backwards closer to her while showing his respect and facing the flag. Voice Over: Talking about it now its quite funny, at that moment I was thinking that the reason I came into this world is just to love this woman with his whole heart. Yoon Hee turns to look at him and he quickly looks away. She glances at him again and then walks away. In Ha watches her walk away and sighs shaking his head. As he turns to go he realizes he dropped something and goes to pick up his pen and notices a yellow notebook and picks it up. He considers going after her but decides to open the book to see and notices the name "Kim Yoon Hee and flips through some of the pages. "This isn't a diary is it?" He asks out loud.

In Ha starts to go after her but is called on by his friends. Dong Wook tells him their "lover" is here which happens to be a guitar and then mentions they have to play for it.

A group of people are watching In Ha and Dong Wook play tennis and and Hye Jung mentions how Dong Wook always likes what In Ha likes and tries to take things away from him. Yong Hee happens to walk by and sees the crowd and turns to see him and learns his name. Seo In Ha she saids to herself and smiles as she watches him play and then turns around to leave but she bumps into other people leading her to have to pick up her books. In Ha happens to look up and sees her. As she picks up her items she notices that her diary is missing and runs off frantically to find it. In Ha watches this concerned. "On that day where I missed her many times I was already in love."

In Ha is sitting at his desk taking out the items in his bag and comes across the diary. He opens it and reads the name on it. "Kim Yoon Hee" he saids to himself and smiles and flips through the pages and comes across a page marked with a yellow umbrella book mark with "love story" written on it. He reads the page.

Love is never saids sorry. Its a line from a the movie "Love Story" that my parents who passed away liked to watch. But I don't understand the meaning of this phrase. "So her parents passed away." In Ha saids to himself and closes the book and puts it back into his bag. The next day In Ha looks around for her but when he doesn't see her he turns to walk away. He then hears a voice say " Wait a moments please." He turns around and sees her and she asks him "Did you happen to find my diary.. no I mean a yellow notebook yesterday?" In Ha looks down and she said "I hope nobody reads it."

"You must be busy. Sorry, to have bothered you." And she walks away. In Ha waits and moment and starts to walk towards her but notices another guy talking to her and wants to go closer but his friends call after him and they discuss how Yoon Hee is in Hye Jung's class and is popular with the boys but has not friends. Dong Wook seems to also be entranced by her and saids " 3 seconds?" and then smiles and saids "Its nothing" to In Ha who notices and heads off towards class. In Ha looks a bit worried.

In class, In Ha flips through the diary to that page again and continues reading it. Yoon Hee writes that she really wants to go see "Love story" this time in the theatre. The bench in the art school in autumn is my favorite place. The place makes my heart flutter for a reason I don't know today. Then she goes on to talk about her grandma.

She would put saliva on spots where it hurt and it would heal up quickly and she realizes now that it was her grandma's love. She someday wants to fall in love like both the actors in the movie and like her parents did. In Ha read the diary many times that night. She mentions in her father's favorite "The Little Prince" there is line about taming someone. Perhaps love is about mutual understanding. He looks up and smiles and thinks. "I want to know more about her."

In ha buys a ticket for "Love Story" and heads to the library to find the book "The Little Prince" and there on the other side Yoon Hee is there as well and their eyes meet.

He quickly looks away and takes the book and turns to leave and ends up knocking over the books that were to be put away. In Ha apologizes and helps pick the books. Yoon he hears the noise and checks out the situation and goes over to help. The librarian person asks In ha if he checked out the book 'The Little Prince". She notices the name of the book so he saids. "No he hasn't" and gets up to leave.

Na In Sook goes over and asks Yoon Hee if he is In ha. She saids, no and asks why. At the cafeteria In Sook explains that there are three people in C'est La Vie. Lee Dong Wok is the DJ and a playboy but a med student and his parents own a hospital and he is nice and handsome and smart and girls don't leave him alone.

Then there is Kim Chang Mo who is a country boy and always looks for food. But as soon as he sings, he is captivating so people forgive him for that. Lastly is In ha who is a art student and is mysterious and gentle. He's like a prince and writes their songs. He comes from a wealthy family that is strict and heard that he has a fiancee. Yoon Hee asks if he really has a fiancee and In Sook nods. In Ha saids no he doesn't as he looks at Yoon Hee and then walks away. In Sook wonders why he did that and if he doesn't have a fiance if he is interested in her.

It's raining outside so Yoon Hee is waiting until it stops. In Ha notices and walks closer and sees her. After a few moments she turns and notices him too and exchange greetings. He looks away and she looks for a second and turns away. He watches here again and saids "That.. Will you wait a moment please." He slowly turns and runs back inside. She looks after him curiously.

He heads back to the library to ask someone for an umbrella. He does see one but couldn't ask the girl. Yoon Hee walks closer so she can see the door to see if In Ha has comes back. He goes down to the store room and manages to find a yellow umbrella and hurries back. He quickly opens the umbrella but finds that it doesn't open all the way. Yoon hee smiles as she looks away. In Ha then manages to hold it up in a way to keep it open. He then asks if they should go.

Yoon Hee looks at him and turns her head her face breaking out into a smile and they walk together. In Ha makes sure to keep the umbrella above Yoon He's head. Yoon Hee breaks the silence and saids "Just now, it wasn't me who said it. About the fiance." In Ha saids, "Ah, No, I don't have a fiance". Yoon Hee nods in response. "I know it wasn't you who said it," In ha then said after a moment. "Ok" She saids and notices that In Ha's shoulder is getting wet so she moves the umbrella over. In ha saids he's alright and she saids that she is as well. In ha moves it back over and she tells him to then to come closer then.

 They walk comfortably for a while and then she asks "Do you like it" In Ha looks at her and then she saids 'Rain' "Do you like Rain" "Yes I do like. When I see the rain I feel sad and also happy," In Ha replied. "So do I" Yoon Hee replies. "That book.." Yoon Hee saids. "The Little Prince" In Ha saids. "There is this part: Love has two faces of happiness and sadness. I think that love and rain are similar to each other."

Yoon Hee saids. A car is coming across quickly and In Ha covers Yoon Hee with his back so she doesn't get splashed. "Are you okay?" They both ask. After a moment, In Ha steps back and saids, "Take this umbrella," Yoon Hee moves forward so the umbrella covers In Ha. In ha then saids, "I realized that I have to meet someone." In Ha turns to go back. Yoon Hee asked, "Um.. when can I return this to you?" "Oh this... On Sunday are you free?" "What?" Yoon Hee saids. In ha reaches into his pocket for the ticket but puts in back in. "Movie.." In Ha saids. "Movie?" Yoon Hee askes. In Ha nods and saids "Love Story" Yoon Hee smiles and saids, " I really want to watch that movie."

 In Ha smiles back and looks down and saids, "Want to watch it together?" Yoon shly looks down and smiles and nods. "Okay then" In Ha saids and walks away.

 Then turns around and saids, " I got that umbrella from the library so don't worry about it." After meeting In Ha under the yellow umbrella, Yoon Hee heads over to the bus stop.

There she meets Mr. Flirt, Lee Dong Wook. He asked if she remembers him, but she gave him the "please stay back" look. He offered to exchange umbrella with Yoon Hee, but she rejected.

He continues to flirt with her and invited her to watch “Love Story” movie. But Yoon Hee walked away without answering him. After having sweet moment with Yoon Hee in the rain, Seo In Ha fanatically finishes drawing Yoon Hee’s portrait. At that moment, he has completely fallen for her. Dong Wook heads over to talk to In Ha and tells him that he's got a date to watch the movie "Love Story".

Apparently both of them didn't know they've fallen for the same girl. Seo In Ha continues to read Yoon Hee’s diary, and get to know every bit of thing that she likes. All of them meets up in a café for a friendship meeting. Seo In Ha was left heartbroken when he heard that Yoon Hee is the girl that Dong Wook likes. They were playing a game where all the guys have to place their belonging(pencil, watch, .. ) on the table, and whichever girl chooses the particular guy's belonging, they will be partners. Yoon Hee chose the pencil.

Coincidentally that pencil belongs to Seo In Ha. A smile appears on Seo In Ha's face. But faded away too soon. As Dong Wook, who wanted to woo Yoon Hee said that the pencil was his. Seo In Ha was left heartbroken again. He wanted to give up on Yoon Hee because he doesn't want to ruin the friendship between him and Dong Wook.

Seo In Ha: “I felt happy because of her, yet I feel sad because of her”

The girls went shopping. Yoon Hee overheard the conversation between Hye Jung and In Sook. In Sook said In Ha was trying to avoid Yoon Hee in their recent meetings because Yoon Hee thoughts that In Ha likes her.

 On the way back, Hye Jung confesses to Yoon Hee that she likes In Ha. Yoon Hee was heartbroken. Seo In Ha and Yoon Hee meets again coincidentally in front of the library on a rainy night. In Ha asked if she forgot to bring umbrella, but Yoon Hee told him that she was waiting for her friend. In Ha walked away, but he came back and told her not to wait and asked her take his umbrella.

Yoon Hee took his umbrella. Seo In Ha asked why she didn’t attend their recent meetings. Yoon Hee told him that she would rather be the one who absent, if he is not attending because of her. Misunderstand case. Seo In Ha clears the misunderstanding by telling her that he’s busy. He told her that he doesn't mind at all. He asked how is things between her and Dong Wook.

Yoon Hee explained to him that they are not that kind of relationship. But Seo In Ha was trying to promote his friend. Lastly, In Ha reminds her to come for next meeting.

He watches Yoon Hee leaving the library from his window, In Ha then keeps all his Yoon Hee portraits in the locker.

And that's our recap. Thank you very much for reading.

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Blogger rainei | 28 March 2012 at 23:21  

love rain... i dont know why it's rating is so down... hopefully it goes up....
love rain fighting....

Blogger mssukbi | 29 March 2012 at 00:37  

This is awesome! Great HD pics and very well written. Thanks you ladies for your hard work.

(This is the same comment I posted on dramafever and I just wanted to share it with everyone.)

Ok, I am not only saying this because I'm a die hard fan of Jang Keun Suk, but I honestly think that this drama is going to be the best drama of 2012. I saw the first episode without subs and even though I could not understand a word they were saying, I was able to feel the emotions that the characters were trying to convey. In my opinion, that is the result of good acting. Additionally, every scene was perfectly shot. Watching it made me feel like I was really living in that time period. Also, the lines, especially Seo In Ha's, are simply...OMG! Very heart-warming.

Blogger Love Rain Admin | 29 March 2012 at 09:43  

thank you mssukbi for reading our recaps and that's such a wonderful comment!

Blogger Love Rain Admin | 29 March 2012 at 09:44  

rainei, thank you for reading our recaps. Love Rain will be the best drama of 2012 :)

Blogger Famela ♥ | 29 March 2012 at 10:46  

Love Rain is really the best of all the rest. :) I am also a die-hard fan S♥ne and Jang Keun Suk. In this blog I can understand all of their conversations. Hope you could post more episodes here! :) GBU

Blogger Love Rain Admin | 29 March 2012 at 11:22  

Hi Famela ♥, thank you for reading our recaps. We will try our best to recaps all the episode :)

Anonymous Anonymous | 8 May 2014 at 12:20  

Epic drama! i love LOVE RAIN!!!! AND LOVE THEM!!!

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