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Love Rain - 사랑비
Cast: Jang Keun Suk, Yoona
Broadcast network: KBS2TV
Broadcast period: 26th March 2012
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55(Korean Time)

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012 - 17:28

Episode 7 Recap - #

In episode 6, Hana went to Jun's studio to find Seo Jun and argue with him about the photo. Hana walked into the small house and found Sun Ho sleeping on the couch.

Seo Jun and his assistant, Jo Soo were on their way back to the studio. They heard yelling sound from the small house, Seo Jun rushed in and saw Hana. He quickly drags her out of the small room.

Seo Jun: Why you're here?! You said you didn't want to see me even for 1 second, and now you're here? How   did you know the address of the studio? Seems like you did a lot of research on me.
Hana: What are you talking about? Do you think I want to come here? What's this?
Seo Jun: What's that?
Hana: You will know after seeing it.
Seo Jun : Oh? This!
Hana: Still pretending? You used my photo and still pretending?
Seo Jun: Where's Jo Soo?! Ya! Jo Soo!!
Jo Soo: Why is this here?

Hana still sulking over her photo in Seo Jun's studio, while the guys were discussing about it at the cafe.

Sun Ho: Who's that?
Waiter: He used the girls photo right?
Seo Jun: It's not me!
Sun Ho: We know that, but how did you manage to take her photo?
Waiter: She doesn't look like a model though.
Seo Jun: Of course she doesn't look like a model.
Sun Ho: Then why did you took her photo? I thought you only take photos of professional models.
Seo Jun: When did I?!

Jo Soo was done talking on the phone with the client, and tells Seo Jun that Hana's photo was chosen, because they liked the photo.

Seo Jun: Didn't I asked you delete her photo the other day?
Jo Soo: Actually, I was curious.
Seo Jun: About what?
Jo Soo: Chief, you always take photos of professional models only, but this time you took photos of a girl, so I was curious.

Jo Soo explained clearly about the situation to Sun Ho, who was standing by the side.
Jo Soo: Actually it's like this, Chief was being rejected by that girl at Japan,
Seo Jun : Ah actually it's nothing, I met her randomly in Japan, and rejected her, now she's here to look for me. It's so annoying, hahaha. I've something to do..

Seo Jun goes down to his studio after that awkward situation, he saw Hana's still there waiting to argue with him.

Hana: What is this all about?
Seo Jun: Don't know. The client chose it, what can I do?
Hana: What?
Seo Jun: I'm a victim too. All the photographers in my field, knew that I took that photo. Although it's just a flyer, but with that kind of picture, I feel bad too.
Hana: That kind of picture?! Shameless! Who asked you take my photo ?
Seo Jun: Shameless?! When did I took picture of you ? I was taking the photo of  "Diamond Snow", you're the one that came in and destroyed my photo! It's your fault or my fault now? I don't have to take any responsibility.
Hana: So, who's responsibility is this?
Seo Jun: I'm saying, if I took photo of Madison County Bridges, because it's too beautiful, and some ducks came in the photo, should I ask the duck's permission? If I took the photo of the beautiful sky, and a butterfly appears, should I ask the butterfly's permission?
Hana: You have to take responsibility!
Seo Jun: No!
Hana: You have to take it all back.
Seo Jun: If you have all the time in the world, you can do it.
Hana: You're really ridiculous! You should at least say "sorry".
Seo Jun: As I told you before, I will never say that word.
Hana: What happens if someone sees this?
Seo Jun: Who you didn't want to show?

Seo Jun immediately thought about Hana's senior,

Seo Jun: Isn't it funny? You said you didn't even want to see me for 1 second, and now you're here arguing with me. Isn't this more than 1 second? Ahh, so you don't keep your words, you don't have any principles. You don't even have self-esteem? Or you want to scam some money?

Hana walks out of the studio angrily with teary eyes. All the 3 others guys, were left with questioned mark outside the studio door. Seo Jun then walks out as if he doesn't care about anything.

At a garden, Yoon Hee sits on a bench, writing her diary. She was still like old times, gentle and beautiful.
One of her student, approached her to look at their trees. Yoon Hee works as a botanist.

Seo Jun goes to the client and complaints about Hana's photo, that they used for the flyers. But the client liked Hana's photo very much and they want to contact her as soon as possible. The client then suggested that Seo Jun and him to open up a business together, but Seo Jun didn't want to.

Jo Soo drives Seo Jun back to the studio.

Jo Soo: I was so shocked, Chief.
Seo Jun: Now what?
Jo Soo: I didn't expect that you will help out that girl. It's the first time, I am seeing you helping others.
Seo Jun: Shutup! What did i helped!

Hana reached her mom's garden and still upset about her photo. During dinner, Hana asked Tae Sung's help to convince her mom not to let Hana stay alone in Seoul. But Yoon Hee disagreed, she said it would be very tiring to travel everyday from Seoul to their living place.

After dinner, Hana and Tae Sung were talking a stroll infront of Hana's house. She told him that she accidentally read her mom's diary few years back, and she knew about her mom's first love from the diary. It's a secret though, however she wants them to meet again.  Tae Sung promised that he will keep it as a secret.

Hye Jung picks In Ha up with her car, and agreed to let In Ha drive. They were heading to Ces't La Vie gathering at Chang Mo's cafe.

Hye Jung: Is there something wrong with your mouth? Why is it so hard for you to talk?! Since the moment you got in the car, you didn't even look at me once!
In Ha: You look tired.
Hye Jung: Well, it's okay.. it's because of work. Recently, I don't drink alcohol at all.
In Ha: I heard that you like someone, what about getting a second marriage?
Hye Jung: Once is enough. But it seems like you have someone in your heart?
In Ha: You should this better, it's impossible. I like to live alone.
Hye Jung: I know, i know.. it's getting late.. drive faster.

In Ces't La Vie cafe, 4 of them were reminiscing about their past, during university days. Chang Mo put up some young photos of them on the wall.

On the other side, Seo Jun was in a club enjoying with his friends. Girls were flirting with him,  but he was lost in his thoughts.

Chang Mo tells Hye Jung that Yoon Hee is still alive. Hye Jung asked Chang Mo not to tell In Ha about it.

A girl in the club comes over to Seo Jun, and talks to him.

Girl: What kind of girl do you like?
Seo Jun: It's okay if her head is small, but at least she must have a pretty face, and look awesome with anything she wear, so her body must be perfect, she must have great fashion sense.
Girl: That's me right?
Seo Jun:  You like opera? You must know how to communicate with me for topics like music, fashion and art. Must be cool during break up, and..

Suddenly, Hana's face flashes through Seo Jun's mind. He don't even know why is he thinking of her. Jo Soo  calls Seo Jun and told him that the client wants to change photographer, because they only want Hana as the model.

Hana is crying on the bridge thinking about what she just heard about Tae Sung  having a girlfriend and has a flash back of seeing him walking with a girl. 

Seo Jun: What are you doing? Are you crying? How did I find you as soon as I came here? You must really be my destiny.
Hana : Just what are you doing here?
Seo Jun: It’s your problem. How could you not come back to complain? Of course you should have come back to complain. Otherwise I wouldn’t have to come all the way here. Your self-management is a little too lax. Doing nothing is like refusing? That’s why I saying you’re easy.
Hana: You’re doing it again. Who’s easy? Why are always saying things like this to me? Who are you? 

Seo Jun turns to look at her and notices that she is crying again.

Seo Jun: Is something wrong?
Hana: If you have something to say just say it.
Seo Jun: What?
Hana: Didn’t you come because you had something to say to me? You’re not someone who comes here even if you don’t need anything. Yes I’m an idiot. I’m easy so I’m easy to trick. I will believe anything so say whatever you want to me.
Hana is crying and Seo Jun looks at her and turns his head.
Seo Jun: I’m sorry. I said I’m sorry.
Seo Jun hears that she is still crying and turns to face her.
Seo Jun: Fine. I’m sorry for dragging you everywhere in  Japan. I’m sorry for saying mean things. I’m sorry for making you appear in the advertisement. Is that enough?
Hana is still sobbing.
Seo Jun: I said I’m sorry. Why are you still crying?
Hana: I feel happy in my heart.

Hana is sitting on a bench with a handkerchief and Seo Jun is sitting on another one and asks once again what happened to make her like that. Hana doesn’t answer but thanks him for apologizing. She asks him to tell her what he came here to say but he doesn’t want to so she gets up to leave. Seo Jun grabs her arm.

Seo Jun: You. Do you want to be my model?
Hana: Why? Me?
Seo Jun: Don’t misunderstand. It’s not me that wants you. It’s the advertiser.
He turns and looks away and continues
Seo Jun: I’ll be honest.  After seeing the picture, the advertiser wants you. If you don’t do it He’ll find another photographer. I’m apologizing to you right now. It’s hurting my pride but its hurts my pride more if my place gets taken again by another photographer. Answer within 3 seconds. 1 second …2 second…

Before Hana could answer they are interrupted by Tae Sung.  Seo Jun was surprised to see him asks if they came together. Tae Sung apologizes to Hana and takes her hand. Hana has nothing to say to him and saids that. Then Seo Jun takes her other arm and she turns to look.

Tae Sung: What?
Seo Jun: She saids she has nothing to say.
Hana: Stop it. Sunbae.
Hana turns to Seo Jun.

Hana: Excuse me.
Seo Jun: You. If you make the decision to throw me away again. Then it’s really over. 

Hana removes her arm from his grip and tells him that she will be his model and for him to leave for now and she’ll contact him and turns to leave with Tae Sung. Angrily Seo Jun tells her not to contact him.

Yoon Hee notices Seo Jun walking back to his car and watches him.  Hana looks down to ask Tae Sung about whether or not he is dating anyone. Tae Sung tells her that she’s his fiancée from when he was young. Hana is very surprised to hear this and tells him she feels stupid for not knowing this and for him not to be so good too her. She confesses about her one-sided love and tells him she will be okay smiling but with tears in her eyes and then she leaves.

Seo Jun gets a call regarding his mom and hurries home. In Ha goes to see  Hye Jung and sees that she has been drinking a lot and can’t stand up right. He tries to help her but she insists she is fine. Seo Jun races home to see his dad there with his mom. He tells his dad to leave now that he’s home. His mom gets up and asks In ha if the three of them can be a family again but In Ha apologizes because he can’t. Seo Jun hearing this leaves the house to go to his car.  In Ha goes after him and asks to talk but Seo Jun doesn’t want to and drives away quickly.

Seo Jun is in his studio doing his photoshoot as the phone rings but upon seeing that it’s Hana he ignores the call. That person calls again and again but he ignores it. His friends are curious as to why he is being like this.

Hana is eating breakfast with her mom and they make plans to look at rooms together later on in the afternoon as Hana tells her she has somewhere to go during lunch.

Seo Jun being moody tells his assistant that he will look at the pictures later and gets a text and at first looks again and then looks closely realizing what it  said and asks the assistant to change the schedule so he is shooting here today.

Hana enters his studio and watches him shooting the model and smudging her lipstick with his hand to make them look kissable and leans closer as if to kiss her. The model pulls away laughing. Seo Jun turns back around and sees Hana and tells his assistant to kick her out as he doesn’t allow others in while shooting. The assistant is apologetic so Hana leaves to wait outside asking when they will be done. The assistant tells her an hour but Seo Jun informs them it won’t end til tonight as he is shooting things for tomorrow today.  Seo jun looks at her as she leaves.

 Hana is outside waiting wondering if he was really mad as he didn’t answer any of her phone calls. She almost gets up to leave but doesn’t. In ha walks outside the school after his class as he remembers his encounters with Yoon Hee there. He calls Seo Jun asking him if he wants to go for a drink with him as he will be going to his studio. Seo Jun’s assistant arrives asking if he should call Hana and begs him to ask her model once as the advertiser called many times. Seo Jun asks if she is still waiting and tells him he doesn’t want to do it.  The assistant wonders why he won’t do it and guesses that maybe she rejected him twice. Seo Jun pretends to strangle him and leads him out of the studio.

Hana is practicing doing poses outside while waiting and notices the waitress watching so pretends to stretch and sits back down and notices lilies blooming so she begins to weed to help them bloom better. Seo Jun sees her and walks toward her. Before he gets there Hana receives a call from her mom who tells her she will wait nearby.  Hana sees him and tells him why she came and he interrupts her telling her he has something to say. He notices his friends watching and walks away from them telling Hana to follow.

In Ha is walking on one side of the street while Yoon Hee is walking on the other. They both don’t see each other.

After they reached  a certain distance Hana calls out.

Hana: Hey there. What do you want to say?
Seo Jun: Didn’t I say that time that if you didn’t choose me that it’s completely over? I’m that type of person that once I say it’s over then it’s completely over for me.
Hana: Really? Okay then. Let’s leave it. Then did you show off just to tell me that?
Hana turns to leave.
Seo Jun: I still have things to say. 
He then notices the rain and grabs her arm to lead her under cover and the look at each other and look away. (Cute).

In Ha and Yoon Hee notice the rain as well. Yoon Hee opens her yellow umbrella. As In Ha walks past her he notices her somehow but as he reaches the other side he turns around and suddenly realizes its Yoon Hee and continues to wach her by following her on the other side of the street. In ha is running across the street to meet her and stops right in front of her. Yoon Hee lifts her umbrella and takes her first good look at him.

In Ha: Am I right?

He takes of his glasses as they both really look at each other.

Thanks for reading.


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Anonymous marianna | 18 April 2012 at 18:20  

Yaaaa looking forward so much for the eight episode!!

Blogger dara ting ting | 23 April 2012 at 12:23  

I really like this drama,,,,happy waiting for tonigh

Blogger dara ting ting | 23 April 2012 at 12:23  

I really like this drama,,,,happy waiting for tonigh

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