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Love Rain - 사랑비
Cast: Jang Keun Suk, Yoona
Broadcast network: KBS2TV
Broadcast period: 26th March 2012
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55(Korean Time)

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Tuesday, 3 April 2012 - 17:11

Episode 3 Recap - #

Remember where Episode 2 stopped? All the 6 of them were sitting by the lake, In Ha was singing "Love Rain" song that he wrote.  Everyone was curious, what or who inspired him to write this song. They kept asking In Ha to tell but instead In Ha diverted the topic by saying that he’s going to join the army.
Everyone was shocked to hear that. Dong Wook and Hye Jung got angry because he is just leaving them like that.

On her way back to the place they stay, Yoon Hee overheard Hye Jung and Chang Mo’s conversation. She walks to the lake to calm herself down. In Ha saw her walking there, he went over.

Yoon Hee: You are really leaving? Is it because of me? Because of me and Dong Wook?
In Ha: It's not because of you or Dong Wook. It’s because of me. I am very confused. Can you listen to what I am going to say? 

In Ha suddenly felt like  telling her the truth before he leaves.

In Ha: Actually everything was a lie.  You were in my drawings not just because you’re just a scenery. That day you were my scenery. Since the day I first met you, you’re my scenery. Such a beautiful scenery.  And because of that, my heart is always fluttered.

In Ha: Thank you. And Sorry, I was a coward.
Yoon Hee:  At least you should have told me earlier.
In Ha: Sorry, it’s too late. Sorry.

I can’t even properly confess to her, as well as my heartache.

In Cest La Vie café, In Ha goes over to meet his friends, Dong Wook and Chang Mo. Dong Wook was the DJ there, teases In Ha by playing the song about someone entering the military. In Ha tells them that he’s leaving after going for a sketch at ChunCheon. Dong Wook got angry even more, he asked him again whether he’s going to tell them the reason why he’s leaving. But In Ha kept quiet. Dong Wook walked away sulkily. In Ha reassures Chang Mo that Dong Wook will be okay. 

After coming out from the library, Yoon Hee meets Dong Wook. He came to fetch her. She told him that she thought they were practicing their song. Dong Wook explained, it was because of In Ha. But Yoon Hee tried to avoid the In-Ha-related topic,

Yoon Hee: have you eaten dinner?
Dong Wook: Let’s go for a date? We haven’t date officially. Let’s go tomorrow. Okay? Actually, tomorrow there’s something unhappy going to happen, can you please turn it into a happy day for me?

Yoon Hee nods her head in agreement.

Before leaving to ChunCheon, In Ha passed by an accessories shop along the street. He saw a mechanical watch on the display shelf, he thought of Yoon Hee. Then, In ha heads over to his atelier to pack things up.

He placed Yoon Hee’s diary in his locker at the atelier. It seems like he already decided to forget Yoon Hee and move on with his life. Yoon Hee hands over her report to her lecturer/supervisor.  She told Yoona Hee that someone left something for her. A mechanical watch! She opened the box and there was a note card in it.

It was written: No matter where am I, I will pray for your happiness every day.  – Seo In Ha

Yoon Hee was lost in her thoughts after reading the card. While walking in the hallway, she met Hye Jung and In Sook where they told her, In Ha is going back to his hometown after his sketch lesson today and he wouldn’t come back to school before joining the army.  Yoon Hee was getting more and more confuse about what to do and what not. She kept staring at the mechanical watch that In Ha gave her, in class.  Yoon Hee then decides to go and look for In Ha. She finds out that In Ha’s sketching location was ChunCheon.

In Ha was walking on the street of ChunCheon and saw the local cinema was showing the movie “Love Story”. Memories of him and Yoon Hee flashed through his mind.

Hye Jung saw the note card In Ha wrote for Yoon Hee on the floor. Yoon Hee accidently dropped it while leaving the class a while ago. Hye Jung started to suspect both of them. She heads over to the atelier and saw Yoon Hee’s portraits in In Ha’s locker as well as Yoon Hee’s diary.  She got really mad.
Yoon Hee reached ChunCheon and looked for In Ha everywhere. That’s the problem of the 70’s, they don’t have hi-tech gadget like mobile phone!

Dong Wook came to the cafe looking for Yoon Hee for their first date. He saw his other friends were waiting there too. He sensed something was wrong.

In the evening, Yoon Hee still couldn’t find In Ha at ChunCheon. She walked along the streets, and saw the “Love Story” poster at the cinema. The tagline of the movie, came into her sight.

Love means never having to say you’re sorry.

She wanted to watch it, but it seems like she would miss the train, if she watches the movie. And suddenly it started raining. This reminds us that we're watching Love Rain, it will rain anyhow and then. She had to wait the rain to stop and head over to the train station. Coincidentally, a group of people came out from the cinema after the movie. Coincidentally, In Ha and Yoon Hee saw each other. In Ha looked at her unbelievably,

In Ha: Why did you come till here?
Yoon Hee: I missed you… If I don’t come today, I won’t be able to see you again.
In Ha was so touched and happy.

Both of them went to watch the movie “Love Story”, In Ha watching for the second time.
In the cinema, In Ha tried to hold Yoon Hee’s hand. But he was still a little shy.

After the movie, they rushed to the train station to catch a train back to Seoul. But it was too late, the train left. While running, Yoon Hee couldn’t run anymore due to the pain on her leg. Finally, In Ha holds her hand and runs with her. Go Seo In Ha, you did it! Haha. Both of them were still holding hands in the station, Yoon Hee realized it and tried to unclasp her hands from In Ha’s. But In Ha hold her hand even more tightly.
They sat at the bench in the station, while thinking of what to do. Still holding each other’s hand tightly.

In Ha: What should we do now?
Yoon Hee: What should we do now?

They smiled sweetly when they realized both of them asked the same question at the same time.
And there comes a weird ahjumma (old lady) asking them to stay overnight at her hotel and leave the other day because soon it will be curfew time.  In Ha told the ahjumma, it’s okay and explained that they are not that type of couple. He let go of Yoon Hee’s hand in awkwardness. And walks away to ask the time slot for the next train.The ahjumma, sits down and promotes her hotel room to Yoon Hee again. In Ha comes back and asked the ahjumma to leave and tells her that they’re sitting the midnight train.

Yoon Hee was curious about midnight train, In Ha told her that there’s a train to Dong Hae. He asked Yoon Hee if she wants to go to the beach. Yoon Hee smiled and nodded her head. A date at the beach, seems sweet. While they were waiting for the midnight train at the platform, In Ha’s friend saw both of them from the station. Again, at the platform In Ha tried to hold Yoon Hee’s hand but he was shy. On the other side, Dong Wook was waiting worriedly for Yoon Hee nearby her house, with the hope that he could see Yoon Hee coming back. But then it was curfew time, he had to go back.

Chang Mo called In Ha’s father to ask whether In Ha has gone home. But seems like In Ha wasn’t at home also. Chang Mo tried to convince Hye Jung that maybe In Ha is doing an awesome painting and he won’t be back for a few days. Chang Mo is so funny trying to cover In Ha. He’s such a good roommate.

Chang Mo: Or maybe he has gone back to the hostel, I will go back to the hostel and check, will let you know tomorrow.

But somehow Hye Jung was unconvinced. She followed him back to his hostel to confirm.  They reached the hostel room, but In Ha was nowhere to be found.

Chang Mo: Maybe he’s still sketching somewhere and will come back tomorrow.
Hye Jung: I’ve a feeling that both of them are together..
Chang Mo: What are you talking about? How can Yoon Hee follow him?
Hye Jung: My 6th sense is telling me that.
Chang Mo: What 6th sense… It’s going to be curfew time soon, what are you going to do? In Ha is not even here, me and you…. two people… how can we sleep here?!!!
Hye Jung:  They must be together…

Seo In Ha's narration.
Seo In Ha: I know I brought a lot of pain and sadness for everyone of you.  But I am so happy that I am unable to stop myself.

In Ha notices a small boy and decides to play with him making small clucking noises. Yoon Hee notices and joins in making the boy laugh. They smile at each other. Yoon Hee is looking out the window of the train and In Ha leans over and writes on the window with his finger. Yoon Hee watches as he does this and looks at him. He makes a motion for her to blow on the window and she does revealing what he wrote. "Are you happy?" She turns to look at him and he gestures for her to answer. Yoon Hee blows on the window and writes a ! and looks down. In Ha sees that and smiles. They smile at each other and look down shyly. (Too cute).

In Ha notices the cart coming down with food and asks Yoon Hee if she is hungry. She replies that she isn't but the sound of her stomache disagrees with her and makes a sound so she saids "Just a little."  In Ha smiles and calls the cart over. They each peel part of the egg and offer to each other so they exchange eggs. (Once again tooo adorable).  They each and glance at each other giggling. As Yoon Hee is sleeping In Ha sketches her. As he watches her head move down he hurries over to support her head. He smiles as he does this.

Yoon Hee wakes up as they reach their stop and calls In Ha to wake up. They get off and as it is raining walk along the beach under the umbrella. As In Ha is carrying the umbrella it flies away so In ha takes off his jacket and covers Yoon Hee with it. She smiles as he does this and saids "Thank you."

In Ha is shy to take her hand but Yoon Hee puts her hand into is and they walk together. In Ha smiles in return as she looks up and holds her hand tighter. The two of them sit next to each other with his hand in hers on her lap facing the ocean as she hums the song he wrote. In Ha looks at her and asks if that song is finished. He replied that at first he wanted to but at that moment felt that ending the would be sad so he didn't finish it. "It isn't now is it?" Yoon Hee asked. In Ha looks at her. Yoon Hee continues and suggests they finish it together. In ha smiles. Yoon Hee asks him to sing it once for her. He sings the first verse and Yoon hee adds a couple.

"The sound of floating rain drops by the ear."
"My heart is starting to be moved."

She turns to look at him and he continues and end on the line. "We are falling in love." They turn to look at each other and she shly looks away. In Ha slowly leans over and kiss her softly on her cheek. They continue walking and talking and enjoying each others company.

In Ha and Yoon Hee are sitting next to each other with her head on his shoulder sleeping. In Ha is thinking he wants to understand everything about her. What kind of life did she have before? What made her who she is today? The you today, how are you feeling? He just wants to be like they are now and stay together forever. I love you. He is hoping the happiness will continue on.

Hye Jung and Chang Mo walk into the atelier to see if In ha is there. Other people walk in and they ask where In Ha is and tells them he went to the ocean/beach with a girl.  They are sitting out side by the track and Chang Mo is trying to cheer Hye Jung up when In Sook comes and starts asking questions about what was going on while Chang Mo tries to keep her from talking. Dong Wook also happens to come by saying is is there to meet In Ha as he called him this morning. He then asks if they have seen Yoon Hee? They all say no. Chang Mo tries to lighten the mood with a joke and Hye Jung gets mad and walks off. Dong Wook was very confused at Hye Jung's behavior.

In Ha and Yoon Hee walk out of the train station and Yoon Hee stumbles a bit. In Ha quickly comes over and steadies her telling her to be careful. He asks if she is okay and she saids okay but he feels her forehead and realizes she has a fever. She insists she is okay but he saids it looks like she has become weak and saids they should go to the hospital.

They stand waiting for the bus. Yoon Hee asks if she can go with him as she had plans with Dong Wook yesterday. In ha tells her he will tell him first. Then promise me that you won't take all the blame by yourself. He smiles light and looks down and asks her to promise him one thing then. The she must go to the hospital right away. She smiles and nods and tells him to hurry. He will wait for the bus to come but she tells him she wants to see him leave. He tells her he will look for her in awhile and waves at her with a smile. She waves back. He saids the watch is very beautiful. She touches it with a smile and looks at it and watches him leave.

In Ha walks in to the cafe and sits down and tells Dong Wook that he likes Yoon Hee and the he has liked her from the beginning. He tried hard to suppress those feelings. Also that the 3 second girl he was talking about was her. Chang Mo hits him and is mad at him for ruining what they worked hard for. How can he be so thick skinned?  In Ha saids sorry but he won't back down anymore. Dong Wook is very surprised but what just happened. In Ha walks away.

Yoon Hee gets of the bus and stumbles at bit and looks around a bit and then faints.

Back at the cafe they discuss what just happens and angry Hye Jung mentions that In ha and Yoon Hee spend the night together. Having heard enough Dong Wook leaves.

Yoon Hee comes to in the hospital, she tries to get up but the nurse tells to rest some more. She asks what happened and the nurse mentions the doctor will be here soon.

Yoon Hee walks slowly looking still quite ill sits down for a bit before heading home. Once she reaches home she finds Dong Wook waiting for her. He asks her if its true and she saids Sorry. He ask why did she treat him like this? She once again saids sorry for hurting him. That In Ha is not at fault. Just thinking about he he wanted to push me away. I liked him from the start. Dong Wook tells her to stop talking, to stop talking about In Ha in front of him. He saids he can't forgive In Ha and he walks away.

In Ha sees Chang Mo comes in and tries to talk to him but he isn't in the mood to talk. Yoon Hee and In Ha are sitting a smiling thinking about each other and both of them suddenly grab their jackets and runs out and see each other and smile. (Aren't they the cutest?)

End of the recap. Enjoy.


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