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Broadcast period: 26th March 2012
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Monday, 30 April 2012 - 18:56

Episode 10 Recap - #

Episode 10 continues where Seo Jun and Hana had their romantic kiss at the fountain.

Seo Jun continues to kiss for a while until Hana breaks away feeling quite dazed.
Hana: I… I thought you were going to count to 10.
Seo Jun: What? You think you are…

Seo Jun looks at her and shakes his head while looking at her surprised face and takes her hand into his and smiles at her. He drives them back to the studio. Seo Jun watches Hana get out of the car still looking quite dazed. She looks at him nervously and shly. Seo Jun laughs and smiles seeing this reaction from her and walks on ahead back inside. Hana bites her lip slightly and runs to catch up to him.

Hana: What are we doing to do now?
Seo Jun:What how? From now on, I will do whatever I want.
Hana: What?
Seo Jun: What do you want to do?
Hana: What?
Seo Jun: Do you only know how to say “what”? Think about it. Consider me properly.  Within this week.
Hana: What? There aren’t many days left til the end of this week.
Seo Jun: With someone like me, what is there to think about?
Hana: There is a lot  to think about.
Seo Jun: What?
Hana: Okay then. I will think about it. Since I didn’t avoid it either..I said I’ll think about it. How much I like you and why I like you..
Seo Jun: From these words, it seems like you do like me? Til the end of this week.
Hana: uhh.. that’s a bit…

Mi Ho: Oppa,
Seo Jun: What's wrong with you, why are you taking my luggage?
Mi Ho: My house. 
Seo Jun: What?! 
Sun Ho: Come over and stay at our house.
Mi Ho: Our mum asked me to bring you back because you had argument with your mum. You know how shocked am I when I heard that you're staying here?!
Mi Ho: What's wrong? You're staying in a room that is unable to lock with this girl? 
Seo Jun : So what?
Mi Ho: No, you cannot! Are you conscious? 
Seo Jun: Yes, I am conscious, but what can I do?
Hana: I also don't like living together with him.. 
Seo Jun: Don't like?
Mi Ho: But why you two are coming back in together?
Sun Ho: They're very close.
Hana: No, we are not close. We just met outside in the front as I was coming back.
Mi Ho: It's so inconvenient to live together right? 
Hana: Yes.. 
Mi Ho: Oppa, if you don't have any thoughts but girls do have thoughts about you. You're so handsome, and  how people are going to resist it? 
Hana: It's not like that.. 
Seo Jun: You feel inconvenient? Okay, fine..
Sun Ho: Leave it there. So how? Going to our house? Or you're going home?
Seo Jun: Are you mad?
Mi Ho: You're going to our house right?
Sun Ho: Jun-ah!

Sun Ho and Mi Ho go after him but not after Mi Ho takes another look at Hana and gives her a fierce stare before leaving. Hana walks back to her room upset that that he just left when they still need to talk. Hana peeks back at the picture of Mi Ho in his room and stares at it upset and telling herself that he is a player so she shouldn't even consider him.

Hana imagines Seo Jun seducing Mi Ho and leaning in to kiss Mi Ho while he is taking her photos. She cries out no just before he kisses her. She gets angrier as she thinks about this as she keeps on telling herself that she can’t trust him as he is a player and a flirt. But then her mind goes back to when he first kissed her for real and how amazingly sweet he was and how much she enjoyed the kiss and she purses her lips in the memory and smiles.She wonders if she is crazy to be considering him.

Yoon Hee and In Ha are talking as they are walking back to her house and they talk about their kids. In Ha explains that he and his son are not close as he hasn’t lived with him since he was 10 and they talk about how maybe all four of them shoot meet.  As they reach their clearing Yoon Hee once again asks In ha not to see her anymore. In Ha tells her that he will be coming every day and that even though he wants to stay he will leave tonight and bids her goodnight.

Seo Jun has decided to check into a hotel and he is waiting he sees Tae Sung in a suit behind the hotel counter talking to a someone with another girl. He figures that is why he rejected Hana. He continues to watch him walk behind her and sees Mi Ho greeting him. Mi Ho calls out to Seo Jun as she sees him walking. This causes both Tae Sung and Seo Jun to turn around and the two of them look at each other. Seo Jun turns to Mi Ho and Sun Ho asking them why there were here while Sun Ho asks if he he knew Tae Sung. Seo Jun tells him he’s seen him a few times and asks how Mi Ho knows him. She explains that he is the older brother of a friend and that he’s the second son of the owner of this hotel and that he is engaged. This surprises him and he looks at Tae Sung again  and then leaves to go up to his room. Mi Ho tries to get him to go to her house once again but Seo Jun tells her not to cling on to him anymore because he has a girlfriend now. This leaves Mi Ho shocked. Sun Ho is smiling at this.

Seo Jun is now in his hotel room and as he is taking something out of his bag it drops on the store. He picks the bag out noticing a ring on the floor. He realizes that this ring was Hana’s and picks it up looking at it more closely and notices that it is a guy’s ring. He then begins to think about who she wanted to give the ring to. His first thought was that she wanted to give it to Tae Sung.

Hana is heating up some milk as she is thinking about where Seo Jun went and didn’t notice that she poured too much into the pot. She heads back to her room trying to convince herself that he is at the hotel. She stares at her phone mad that he isn’t calling her right now and decides not to call him if he isn’t calling her but her curiosity gets the better of her and sends him a text message “Where are you?” Seo Jun sees this message on his phone and smirks. He decides to call her. Hana nervously waits for a text back and is surprised to hear it ring. As she saw the caller she is nervous wondering why he called her when she sent him a message and takes a deep breath, clearing her throat before answering.

Seo Jun: Were you curious about where I was?
Hana: Curious? No I wasn’t.
Seo Jun: Why? That I might have been seeing other girls?
Hana: Is there no sesame oil in this house?
Hana pulls the phone away as she realized what she just said.
Seo Jun: So you’re saying you don’t care whether I am with other girls or not? Whatever. What do I have to talk to you about? I’m hanging up.
Hana: You also went to Bali with another girl for vacation.
Seo Jun: What? That was not a vacation, that was for a shooting. Together with the staff.

Hana is happy to hear this and starts muttering that it was a shoot and not a vacation. Seo Jun is smiling as he hears that and asks if he should come over there right now. She is about to answer but hears sounds reminding her that she left something on the stove and tells him to wait and throws her phone down on her bed.

Seo Jun worried not knowing what is happening tries to call her back but she doesn’t pick up as she said she was in trouble. He decides to check up on her. He tries the door but she doesn’t answer so he tries knocking on the window but she still doesn’t answer so he calls out for her outside. Worried that someone happened to her he climbs up on the ladder calling for her. Hana is still not answering because she is in the bath so Seo Jun climbs up onto the terrace over the fence causing the alarm to go off. Hana rushes out of the bath as she hears the alarm.  Hana heads over to the terrace wondering what he was doing. Seo Jun is shocked staring at her in her robe and she notices this so she tries to cover up. Seo Jun loses his grip and falls down onto the floor of the terrace.

Hana apologizes to the police that came over to check out the alarm. Hana asks him what he was doing and Seo Jun explains that he was worried because she didn’t answer her phone. Seo Jun tries getting up but sits back down as the pain gets to be too much.

Hana: Did you get badly hurt?
Seo Jun: I don’t know. I might have sprained my ankle at that time.

Seo Jun get up and walks with a limp slightly taking off his jacket  to places it on her head and over her shoulders explaining that he didn’t want her to catch a cold since her hair is wet and tells her not to just hang up like she did as he thought someone had happened to her so he ran over like a crazy person and limps back inside. Hana smiles hearing this and heads back inside as well. Seo Jun heads back to his room looking at the picture of Mi Ho hanging on the wall and takes it down.

Hana: Where is the first-aid kit?
Seo Jun: I don’t think I need any medicine.
Hana: Are you okay?
Seo Jun: Yes.
Hana: Where were you staying?
Seo Jun: Hotel.
Hana: You’re not going to go again?
Seo Jun: Yeah. I’m staying here. It’ll be such a hassle if I have to run here every day.
 She is smiling as she hears this and looking down. Seo Jun looks at her through the book case.
Seo Jun: Are you happy?
Hana: No.
Seo Jun: You’re smiling.
Hana: I am not.
Seo Jun: You are smiling.

At this Hana looks around and sees Seo Jun looking at her. Seo Jun quickly ducks down with his head face down on his bed.
Hana: Since when was it like this? So you saw everything?
Seo Jun: I saw nothing!

Hana puts books as well as other items to fill up the gaps in the book case so that he can’t see anything.
Seo Jun: What are you doing?  I won’t look. What is there to see? I was only joking. No need to take I so seriously.
Hana moves on to the lower book case but Seo Jun stops her.
Seo Jun: Leave this one. Consider it a window.
Hana: Why do you need a window?
Seo Jun: There will be a time that we need to pass stuff to each other.
Hana: I won’t have anything like that.
Hana puts in a shirt but Seo Jun tells her to wait and passes her ring to her.
Hana: Oh this..
Seo Jun: You left it in the hotel in Japan.
Hana: So it was there.
Seo Jun: it looks like a man’s ring. Who did you buy it for? It wouldn’t be that guy would it?
Hana doesn’t answer only looks at him and then looks away.

Seo Jun: So you really bought it to give it to that guy?
Hana: it’s not exactly like that.
Seo Jun: Then?
Hana: It wasn’t to give it to someone…It was a couple ring from a long time ago. I was going to give it to a guy when I like someone.
Seo Jun: Are you a child? Give it to me. Don’t think anymore and give it to me.
Seo Jun tries to peer through the book case to see her reaction but can’t.

Yoon Hee heads outside to see In Ha with a basket full of breakfast wanting to eat together. They sit down and In ha tells her that he will still come tomorrow even if she has that kind of expression on her face.

In Ha: Don’t look at me like that. In your memories, I’m a 20 year old. I can’t be like that again. Did I change? How much did I change? What if she doesn’t like me since I changed? Because of that, I changed my clothes multiple times. I even shaved my beard.

He takes off his glasses and asks what she thinks.

Yoon Hee: You haven’t changed at all.
In Ha: Then accept me.
Yoon Hee looks down shaking her head.
In Ha: You can do it. I’m going to make you accept me.

Sun Ho: Your blood pressure is normal. Let’s see.  If there were only people like you, doctors would starve. You are really healthy.

Hana smiles and notices something so she puts her finger through his glasses and wonders why he wears glasses when there are no lenses. Sun Ho tells her because it makes him look smart. He then shows her the book he was writing in as her medical chart and tells her if she ever feels sick he will come see her right away since he is her doctor.
Sun Ho: If you catch a cold or if your stomach hurts, if your heart hurts.
Hana: Even when my heart hurts?
Sun Ho: Obviously. That is my specialization.
Hana:  I know. I will consult with the Specialist. Even if I am annoying, you can’t run away. I will follow you until the end!
Sun Ho: Okay. Just think of me as a listening wall and just say wherever and whenever.
Hana: yes.
Seo Jun: What’s so good that you guys are smiling so broadly in the morning?
Hana: What? Smiling so broadly?
Sun Ho: He’s jealous. Jealous.
Seo Jun sees him whispering.

Seo Jun: What are you saying?
Sun Ho and playfully put his hand on her shoulder. Seo Jun sees this and was about to go over but Sun Ho quickly gets up  to leave. Hana just glares at him as he turns around to leave.
Hana: Is it so hard to greet me?
Sun Ho smiles and grabs the rest of his things. Hana’s phones rings letting her know she has a message. It’s from Seo Jun telling her he is going to a shoot and not just to hang around with Sun Ho and go to school.  Hana smiles reading this.

Hana is in class when her phone beeps letting her know she has a message. She checks the message under the table.

Seo Jun: What are you doing?
Hana: I’m in class. I told you 10 minutes ago that I’m going to class.
Seo Jun: Then, you must think about me. Ha Ha!
Hana: Why?
Seo Jun: That way you won’t fall asleep. Oh, sorry. Are you unable to focus?

Seo Jun is smiling as he is texting her.

Hana: What are you going to shoot today? What is the concept?
Seo Jun: Vacation. Should we go for a vacation later?

Hana is shocked and he is smiling in response and laughing.  The other guys notice is mood and wonder if he is dating but retrack when Seo Jun notices them talking and they kid about laughing just looking at their phone but then his phone beeps again and he laughs in response to what he received.

Hana: I have to go home early today and check the place where I will put plants tomorrow.
Seo Jun: Okay. Go home early. After your class, go home right away.

Hana smiles reading this and heads on home.  Seo Jun is looking around at the shooting site and is displeased as to what he finds complaining how they can shoot the concept of vacation there. His phone beeps.

Hana: Who is your model for today?

Seo Jun sees this and has a smirk on his face thinking about her being worried about this and types Mi Ho.  Mi Ho arrives.  

Hana sees this is unhappy and decides not to go home early anymore. Yoon Hee who is working at the greenhouse is called to meet the director of the resort. Hye Jung is meeting with the director and tells him that she may come here more often but that there is a person there that annoys her. Tae Sung sees Yoon Hee entering the meeting room.

Hye Jung and Yoon Hee recognized each other so quickly.

Hye Jung: You're really Yoon Hee right?

Kazar, a company owned by Hye Jung bought shares of Han Tae Sung's resort. The fashion show events will be held in the resorts. Hye Jung and Yoon Hee had a stroll  outside of the resort.

Hye Jung never thought that would meet in such situation, Yoon Hee was happy that she met her old friend once again. But Hye Jung was unhappy about it, she is here to warn Yoon Hee not to meet In Ha ever again, she asked Yoon Hee to stay out of their life.

On the other side, Seo Jun and his team were have photo shooting. But he was not satisfied with the location, he kept changing places. And finally he got an idea to shoot it at a location near the highway. The outcome was superb.

Seo Jun comes back to white garden after a tiring photo shooting day, Hana was doing some gardening in the garden. Seo Jun sat down and lied on her back.

Hana: What you're doing?
Seo Jun: Just a while.. It has been such a tiring day. 

Hana's heart was fluttering, a sweet smile appeared on her face.

Seo Jun took out a necklace from his pocket and gave it to Hana. The necklace was called Diamond Snow.

Seo Jun: It's tomorrow. You will give me an answer for how much you like me , and why you like me. I'll wait for your answer. 

It's the Ces't La Vie gathering again, but In Ha was absent. Hye Jung told them that she met Yoon Hee. All of them were shocked. Hye Jung was drunk, and Chang Mo sends her to her car,

Chang Mo: Stop it! 
Hye Jung: Why should I?
Chang Mo: Do you even have conscience? Although you're hurt right now. But if you didn't lie to In Ha that Yoon Hee is dead, In Ha would absolutely go and look for Yoon Hee. 
Hye Jung:  I thought she was dead. 
Chang Mo: Really? And till now, aren't you torturing In Ha? Just go.. 

Dong Wook reached, Sun Ho helped him to get into the house. He tells Sun Ho about his first love, and they first time he meets her. Her smile was as warm as the sun. Sun Ho goes to the study room to look for his father's photo book. He found some old photos of his father, and he saw a girl that look very much like Hana. Even his sister, Mi Ho was shocked.

Hana, in the room getting ready to go for classes. She put on the necklace Seo Jun gave her. She felt it was not suitable for her. She takes out the guy couple ring, from the box.

Hana sneaks into Seo Jun's room to put the ring. She was still hesitating about it. But finally she decided, to put the ring there. She quickly runs out of the room, and she got knocked by the corner of a table, she was squeaking in pain. Out of a sudden, Seo Jun comes in the house.

Seo Jun: What are you doing?
Hana: Ah..nothing, you haven't go out for photo shooting? 

Seo Jun stared at her without any emotion on his face, and walked towards her. It seems like he's going to kiss her, but he fooled her, and bend down to take his bag. Seo Juna acting cool reading his photo shooting plans, Hana pretended like nothing, and went downstairs.

Hana: He asked me to answer him today, and he's still pretending.. 

Hana paused at the staircase, and thought about the ring she put in Seo Jun's room. She wanted to run back and take it, but Seo Jun was coming down the stairs. She quickly ran down, and pretending to look at the plants in the garden.

Seo Jun walks out of the house, turned around before going out.

Seo Jun: I'll come back early today after photo shooting, wait for me. 

Hana turns around and look at him, as well. He walked away, leaving Hana smiling to herself and doing the "yeah" sign. Same goes to Seo Jun, he did the "yeah" sign while walking out of the white garden. He met Sun Ho at the car park, he asked Sun Ho to tell more good things about him to Hana.

In Ha and Yoon Hee having coffee in a coffee shop, Yoon Hee tells In Ha not to come and look for her again, she's going back to America. She doesn't want to start again with him. Yoon Hee walks out of the cafe, In Ha goes after her. A truck was coming to Yoon Hee's direction, In Ha drags her back into the side walk and the truck hit In Ha.

Hana comes home happily from class. Sun Ho was curious and he asked Yoon Hee about her family.
Sun Ho: Who else is there in your family?
Hana: Me and mum .
Sun Ho: What your mum does?
Hana: Gardener. 
Sun Ho: Then it's not. There's someone I know, but from a different major. 
Hana: My mum's major is different. Her major was Home Economics. 
Sun Ho: Where were you born? 
Hana: America. 

Sun Ho was about to ask more question, but someone called out for Hana. It was Han Tae Sung, he was here to deliver to plants that Hana wanted. Hana greeted him. Sun Ho suddenly remember that he saw Tae Sung in a hotel.

Hana saw Seo Jun coming back, she quickly brings Tae Sung to hide at the backyard.  Then they went out through the back door.

Tae Sung: You're working in that person's garden? 
Hana: Yes, we mustn't be discovered. 
Tae Sung: Is it that serious? Come let's go to the botanic garden, I'll help you find a good job. If it's not because of me.. 
Hana: It's not like that. I won't feel inconvenient because of you, don't worry. And I really want to be here, anyway I want to thank you.

Seo Jun suddenly opens the back door and saw them talking.

Seo Jun:  Thank you?! What's all this?!

Seo Jun grabs Hana's hand.

Tae Sung: What are you doing? 
Seo Jun: I am suppose to ask that. What are you doing here?! Don't come here ever again, she's mine. 

Seo Jun drags Hana back into the backyard,

Hana: Leave me, it hurts! 

Seo Jun then angrily flings her hand.

Hana: Can't you see we're talking?
Seo Jun: That fellow, He rejected you, and now you're thanking him?
Hana: He's not "fellow".
Seo Jun: You know what that fellow thinks about you?!!
Hana: I told you not to call him "fellow"! He's an important person for me, there's was a time, he was my mentor. He's...
Seo Jun:  Say one more word!
Hana: He's... my..

Seo Jun kissed her by force to shut her mouth, but she pushed him away.

Hana: What you're doing?!
Seo Jun: What's with you now?! What's your on your mind now? Answer me, weren't you going to answer me today?
Hana: I will never answer you forever.

Hana walks away angrily with teary eyes.

In the hospital, Yoon Hee weeping worriedly,  hugged In Ha.

In Ha: You are really shocked.
Yoon Hee: I thought something bad was going to happen to you. I haven't even get the chance to tell you that I really want to be together with you. I thought I will never see you again. I thought I will loose you again. 

Hana walks into the house, and she thought about the ring she put in Seo Jun's room this morning. But she knocked the corner of the table, again. She had no time, Seo Jun was coming into the house as well. She hid inside her room pretending to read a book. She peeked outside to see if Seo Jun's there. Seo Jun hesitating whether to talk to her or not, but he walked out of the house. Hana's chance to get back the ring.

She sneaks to his room to get back the ring. She was shocked to see Seo Jun coming in to the room, she fell the ring the on the floor. Seo Jun picked it up.

Seo Jun: What's this? This is your answer? 
Hana: Give me! 
Seo Jun: Why?
Hana: Give me!
Seo Jun: Let me see..it's suits me. Although I won't wear it for long, it's too old fashioned. But the size is so right for my finger. 

Seo Jun smiles and shows his finger to Hana. She smiled,  and forgetting that she's still angry with him. Seo Jun hugs her.

Seo Jun: I know your answer already. 

Hana remembered that she's angry with him and struggled from his hug,

Hana: I haven't answer you. Give me, how can you wear it yourself? 
Seo Jun: you gave, and now you want it back again?!

Hana hesitatingly muttered,

Hana: I like you, I think I've fallen for you.. 

Seo Jun then looks away delighted, and asked her to put the ring in his finger.

On the other side, Yoon Hee and In Ha hold each other's hand as well.

Thanks for reading :)


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