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Broadcast network: KBS2TV
Broadcast period: 26th March 2012
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Monday, 30 April 2012 - 12:30

Episode 9 Recap - #

A repeat of part of the last few minutes of the last episode. 

Hana wanders over to where they said they would meet and sees him. Seo Jun walks over to her. She nervously backs away. 

Hana: Don’t worry I won’t go there. What’s wrong? I already said I wouldn’t go there?
Seo Jun: Why do you think that I won’t like it?
Hana: No…I didn’t….
She almost falls as she backs up. Seo Jun pulls her up.
Seo Jun: Listen well, because I’m only going to say it once.  I think that I like you.
Hana shocked stumbles a bit back and falls backwards. Seo Jun pulls her up again and looks into each other eyes.  They both start to say something and he smiles and tells her to start.

Hana: I… those words… I am hearing them for the first time.
Seo Jun: What? At your age….  Are you really that unpopular?
Hana: You must be happy being so popular.
Seo Jun: Of course. For me, there weren’t just one or two….
Hana: Ahhh yes. I already know that too well.
Seo Jun: What do you know well?
Hana: I know! When we first met… At the hotel… With that woman, you both… In the room. Bed. On the bed. .
Seo Jun: Hey! Do you think I came here for that?
Hana: What do you want to say, then?
Seo Jun: I already said what I wanted to say!
Hana: That you think you like me? Is that it?
Seo Jun: In any case, when you go to your part-time job each day, you should keep that in mind and be prepared.
Hana: Are you telling me not to come?
Seo Jun: No, I’m telling you to come.
Hana: But you’re telling me to be prepared about you.
Seo Jun: Why is that a big deal?
Hana: But why do I have to be prepared? No matter what. Honestly I….
Yoon Hee: Hana! 

Hana greets and waves at her mom telling her that Seo Jun wasn’t anybody important. Seo Jun hearing this was pretty upset and Hana takes her leave. Seo Jun is in disbelief that she just left after he confessed to her that he liked her. Hana explains to her mom that he was just a guest and upon seeing Hana leave he turns to go as well telling himself that it doesn’t matter to him.

Once Hana arrives home she tries to make an excuse to leave by offering to pick something up for dinner. When that doesn’t work she just tells her mom she will come back. Her mom looks surprised. Hana runs back to where she left Seo Jun but sees that he already left. She is a bit disappointed that he left already. She turns to go but hears a voice and turns around and sees that is In Ha. In Ha is about to ask her something and notices how much Hana looks like Yoon Hee. 

Hana: By chance… Professor Seo In Ha?
In Ha: By chance…
Hana smiles.

Seo Jun headed back to his car but then decides since he came all the way over here that he should hear her answer and gets back out of the car to head back to where they were before.
Yoon Hee meets In ha by the bench. Yoon Hee wonders why he came and he in returns wonders why she lied to him about her situation. She apologizes again and In Ha reminds her about how they promise not to apologize to each other and she apologizes for that as well.

In Ha: I’m not blaming you for anything. It’s just that I’m miserable.
In Ha: Because I couldn’t find you. Because I couldn’t support you by your side. It was so hard being alone, wasn’t it? Without anyone, it was very hard wasn’t it? Even if we never saw each other again, you being happy would have been enough for me. But now what are we to do?

Seo Jun is heading back and looks around and sees two people talking and walks toward them but is dragged away by Hana who covers his mouth as he tries to talk. Seo Jun wonders what the matter is and why she pulled him away. Hana was about to answer but realized she was still grabbing onto his arm and lets go. 

In Ha grabs Yoon Hee hand and asks for an answer on what they should do but she pulls away and tells him she forgot everything and that was why she lied to him. She was sorry she didn’t remember anything and tells him even though it was hard she was happy with her daughter. She somehow forgot the past due to her life being very busy. She apologizes as she just wants to live her life as is and that to her he is a precious and beautiful memory and that is how she wants it to be. She bids farewell and leaves. 

Hana informs Seo Jun that man was her mom’s first love that she was looking for in japan. She found it really romantic that he wanted to see her mom too and was happy that he was looking for her mom. Seo Jun tells her that in his mind that he would hate the first love because that would cause problems for their kids. Seo Jun turns the discussion back to them as he wants to hear her answer to his confession. 

 Seo Jun: What I told you! Your answer!
Hana: Whether I was going to move in or not?
Seo Jun: No! Your answer to when I told you that I like you.
Hana: Ohhh..

Hana then sees her mom leaving and tells him she will see him later and turns to leave. Seo Jun grabs her and turns her back around wanting her to tell him her answer now.

Hana: For me, honestly, I don’t have any thoughts on it. Because we only fight, I don’t know anything about you.
Seo Jun: I don’t know anything about you either. Okay, I understand. It is not a big deal, so forget it. It is not a big deal to me either. 

 Hana watches Seo Jun as he leaves. Seo Jun walks past In Ha as he is looking at the water but doesn’t see him. Hana returns home seeing her mom making dinner. Hana asks her mom how it went finally explaining that she knew who he was and that she wanted her mom to meet him because she knew she missed him from reading her diaries and that she even went to find him when she was in Japan. Her mom was very surprised but didn’t show much expression and explains that she didn’t regret leaving him and that nothing has changed and retires telling Hana that she was tired.  Yoon Hee  sits thinking has she tests her vision in her eye. 

The next day Hana goes to see Seo In Ha outside his classroom. Hana packs up her things telling her mom that she found a part-time job as a gardener where she could stay in Seoul. Hana heads over to her new part-time job bringing over some plants and luggage. Sun Ho then shows her to the room that she can stay in as long as she wants but she insists on leaving as soon as finding her own room. Sun Ho then officially introduces her as the gardener. He official introduces her to the rest of the guys there.   The assistant’s name is Jo Soo and introduces the rest to her as well. 

Jo Soo goes to help Hana with the gardening while the other two just play and sing. Hana looks around and asks where Seo Jun is. Jo Soon explains that he will be back today from Bali. He asks her what their relationship is and warns her not to fall in love with Seo Jun as he is a player.
Sun Ho interrupts them as he reminds her that she has yet to sign the contract. Hana is happy about the job but asks if they were really thinking of eventually hiring a gardener. Sun Ho explains it is an investment and mentions that Seo Jun is the building owner and he just manages it. Hana is shocked by this and tries to cross off her signature from the contract. Sun Ho grabs the contract back from her and asks what is going on between the two of them as he thought that Seo Jun was going to convince her to come her to work. Hana explains that he said some things that were strange… not really strange..  Sun Ho then explains that Seo Jun used to live there until his parents got divorced and back then the garden was full of white flowers which is why it is called “White Garden”. He also then explains that his and Seo Jun’s parents have been friends for a long time so he and Seo Jun are friends as well.  Sun Ho then gives her a tour of the place although he seems to know that he is missing telling her something though he doesn’t remember what that is and hands her the keys and leaves her to rest. Hana lies down on the bed flashing back to Seo Jun telling her it isn’t a big deal so there should not be a problem with her staying there. She then notices a screen like door next to the book case and turns to look at it.As Sun Ho returns to his room then he remembers that he didn’t tell Hana that Seo Jun is staying in the room next door. 

Hana opens the screen and enters the room and takes a look at the couch and seems a small pile of clothes there and takes notice of one with unusual colors and unfolds and then sees that it is underpants and throws them. They land in Seo Jun’s hand. Hana turns and sees him as Seo Jun looks up and sees Hana. 

Seo Jun: What are you doing? What are you doing in my room?
Hana: This is your room?
Mi Ho: I don’t want to separate from you. I have been with you for 3 nights and 4 days.
Hana’s  turns away seeing her and sees that her picture was on his wall. Mi ho notices her and asks who she is.
Seo Jun: Are you not going out of someone else’s room?
Hana turns to leave and goes out the door to her room.  Seo Jun leaves his room telling Mi Ho not to follow him. Hana goes to find Sun Ho.  

Sun Ho: Hana, I forgot to tell you..
Hana: This person is living in the next room?
Seo Jun: Why is this person in here?
Sun Ho: So, you’ve met each other already. 

Seo Jun grabs Hana’s arm and pulls her out the door. Sun Ho watches this with fascination. Seo Jun and Hana are in the other building.
Seo Jun: So you finally decided to come? So that you can work?
Hana: I didn’t know you’re here. I wouldn’t be here if I had known.
Seo Jun: Then leave.
Hana: Why would I leave? I came here for work, you know.
Seo Jun: How could you be so brazen after listening to me pour out my feelings? So you are saying you are okay living with a guy you rejected?
Hana: Rejected? Who said I rejected you?
Seo Jun: You rejeceted me. Or perhaps are you regretting that you rejected me? Go.
Hana: You said it was not a big deal. Yeah, it really isn’t a big deal. Why would I care about someone who puts some picture of another girl in his room? Why are you getting angry? And you also went together on a 3 day, 4 nights vacation.
Seo Jun: What is this? Are you jealous?
Hana: No. Anyway, I am not leaving. I already signed the contract.
Seo Jun: How much do you need?
Hana: You’re really selfish. Why are you so selfish?
Seo Jun: You’re more selfish you know. You. Stop pretending like you are so innocent and you don’t know anything. I hate that kind the most. If you are going to be here continuously, make up your mind. If not, leave now…You can’t do that right?

Seo Jun leaves and Hana goes after him. Sun Ho calls out Seo Jun’s name asking if the two are done talking yet? Sun Ho tells Hana that it will be fine since Seo Jun will leave. Seo Jun is surprised and Sun Ho reminds him that he had said that if Hana moved in he would leave and go to a hotel. Seo Jun tells him that he never said that and will be staying and that she should be one leaving. Hana insists and staying so then Sun Ho suggests that they should just both live there. Mi Ho asks who is living together and Seo jun saids that wouldn’t work and to just send Hana away. Mi Ho follows Seo Jun as he leaves. Sun Ho tells Hana not to mind Mi Ho and that she is his younger sister. Sun Ho tells her its time for her welcoming party but hana’s not really in the party mood but puts on a smile to show her gratitude for the party.
Tae Sung enters into his office and changes into a suit and tie and sits at his desk as he is the hotel director. In Ha heads over to see Yoon Hee again with flowers in his hand. Yoon Hee is not happy to see him and looks down and saids nothing. In ha walks  over to face her.
Yoon Hee: Why exactly are you doing this?
In Ha: I will not run away from now on. I will live in regret for the rest of my life for sending you away before. I’m not going to let you go again. It’s okay that you have forgotten about me. I have missed you enough for your share. I won’t ask for you to take me back. Please give me a chance to love you. I will do my best of make up your share too. Please.
In Ha hands her the flowers. 

Sun Ho and the others are setting up for Hana’s welcoming party and preparing the food and drinks and sending some free to their customers. Seo Jun on the other hand is just sitting at a club looking bored while Mi Ho is out there dancing. Mi Ho tries to get Seo Jun to join her but he declines. Mi Ho tells him besides other models he can’t take pictures of other girls. Seo Jun tells her to him she is a model while she insists she isn’t. Mi Ho points out that she was the girl the company insisted she takes picture of and asks if that is why he hates her. Seo Jun didn’t say anything so Mi Ho assumes that he agrees. Mi Ho wonders why her brother is hiring her and if he likes her. Seo Jun then tells her to remove her picture from his wall. She saids she won’t so then he tells her he will just throw it away. Mi Ho insists that she is his muse and that she is her destiny as the first person she saw besides her family was him. Seo Jun then asks if she is a duck as they imprint on the first person they see and follow them forever. Mi Ho is confused about being the duck. Seo Jun wonders if destiny insists in this world. Seo Jun asks if she knows his nick name. She blurts out jerk and a few other names… Seeing that wasn’t what he wanted to hear she just asks what it is. He tells her 3 seconds. Then she remembers “I can get you in 3 seconds!” He nods and wonders if there is a destiny like that. He then does a little post thinking and Mi Ho tries to kiss him but his hand blacks her lips. 

Mi Ho thinks that if they kiss he would know the answer to that question. He tells her he doesn’t believe in destiny and turns to leave. Seo Jun comes back to see them all playing drinking games. Seo Jun is not happy to Hana drinking alcohol. He shakes his head watching her down a drink. He is about to leave when he hears them asking Hana and Sun Ho questions together. 

Jo Soo: Snow or rain? 1, 2, 3!
Hana: Rain
Seo Jun: Rain
Sun Ho: Snow
Jo So: Rose or baby’s breath?
Seo Jun: Baby’s breath
Hana: Baby’s breath
Sun HO: Rose!
Seo Jun is happy that he got the same answer as Hana while Sun Ho Didn’t.
Jo Soo: Photo or painting?
Seo Jun: Photo
Hana: Photo!
Sun Ho: Painting!
Seo Jun extremely happy that he got it right again.
Jo Soo: Last one. Like or hate?
Hana: Like
Sun Ho: Like

Jo Soo then decides to add more alcohol in because they both seem to like it so much. Hana is about to drink it but Seo Jun takes it from her hand and drinks it and tells her not to drink anymore and leaves the room leaving the whole table confused and shuts the door.

Yoon hee is sitting by herself in the greenhouse staring at the flowers In ha left for her and hears her phone beep. She checks to see In Ha left her a message telling her that he arrived safely and to remind her to eat and sends her a song telling her it’s what he cherishes in his life and hopes that she listens to  it too and that it brings back happy memories from the past. She plays it and it’s of In ha and Dong wook and Chang Mo. In Ha wanted to send this to her right after he got back from being enlisted telling her that he misses her and sings her their song. Yoon Hee is crying as she is listening to it.

Seo Jun is reading a book and puts it down and grabs another one from the book case and peeks into the other room to see if Hana has returned yet and he sees that she hasn’t so he leaves him room looking around and finds her sleeping on the couch outside and grabs a blanket to cover her in. (So cute). Hana wakes up at this time and grabs onto Seo Jun’s shirt from behind and pulls him down into the seat. Seo Jun tries to get up to leave but she pulls him down again.

Hana: Where are you going? I have something to say so I waited for you.
Seo Jun: Do that tomorrow.
Hana: No. I have to say it today. I was so angry…
Seo Jun: What?
Hana: Apologize. I was really angry at those words.
Seo Jun: What words?
Hana: “Don’t act like you are innocent. “ Those words. I am not acting innocent. I really am innocent.
Hana saids this with her cheek on his shoulder at times with her hands on his shoulder. 

Seo Jun: What?
Hana: I’ve never dated a man before, Love, too… Well, I have been in a one-sided love, though. And, I’ve never even kissed anyone before.
Hana giggles at this and puts her hand on his shoulder.
Hana: But…it’s not like that for you.
Seo Jun: What?
Hana: You! What’s wrong? I’m drunk anyways!
Hana falls back into the chair laughing slightly. Seo Jun just turns to look at her shaking his head.
Hana: You dress well, and how can a face be this pretty?
Hana squeezes his cheek pushing back his head. Hehe.
Hana: You make good money, and you’re really rude. That’s why it’s not believable.
Seo Jun: So what you are saying…I’m too perfect, so you don’t want me?
Hana: More than it cannot be, it is being scared.
Seo Jun: Scared of liking me?
Hana: Wel.. is it like that? So.. if you keep telling me that you have been rejected by me…You are dead. Huh?

Hana tries to get up but falls back into the chair. Seo Jun looks at her with her eyes close with her head on her shoulder and leans in and kisses her quickly. Hana wakes up slightly realizing something happened and looks like she is sad and mad. Seo Jun looks at her wondering what she is thinking and leans in to kiss her again but she falls back asleep and her had falls backwards.  

 The next morning Seo Jun wakes up with a smile remembering what happened last night. He is curious as to how Hana is taking it and pretends that he wants to read and grabs a book and peers into her room and sees that she isn’t in bed. He then hears so noise coming from outside so he heads to the deck to see that Hana has started working. 

Seo Jun: What are you doing? So early in the morning!
Hana looks up slightly and pretends not to hear and turns on the saw.
Seo Jun: are you ignoring me now? Why are you ignoring me? Are you feeling embarrassed? Why, why, why? What should you be embarrassed about?
Hana: Aish… really?
She looks up turning off the saw and looking up at him.
Seo Jun: Ah! When you and I kissed?
Hana: What? What are you talking about?
Seo Jun: You don’t remember?
Hana: Remember what?
Seo Jun: Is this how you pretend that you don’t know anything? I said “I don’t want to!”  You did it first, you know!
Hana: it’s not like that!
Seo Jun: You remember?
Hana: No!
Hana puts her protective glasses back on and turns back on the saw to work. Seo Jun is smiling as he is watching her and turns to go back inside.
Hana is still working and looks up to see Seo Jun eating breakfast and reading by himself and glares at him for just taking care of himself before going back to work. Seo Jun looks at her after and puts down his book and grabs his camera and takes a photo of her working before crouching down to talk to her.
Seo Jun: But.. Do you really have to do that?
Hana: What?
Seo Jun: Honestly, I don’t want you to touch my garden.
Hana: Why?
Seo Jun: Your style and my style don’t really match at all.
Hana: Yes. I will match it. I definitely won’t do it my way!
Seo Jun takes her picture as she is saying this.
Seo Jun: Ohh! An angry expression! 

Hana: Why do you keep taking pictures of other people without permission?
Seo Jun: Am I the first guy to take your picture? I am the first guy to confess to you. I am also the first guy you kissed. Well this is…everytime I do something, it’s a first for you.
Hana: I told you I do not remember.
Seo Jun: Oh… What are you going to do? I’m the first for everything. You have such high standards now. How are you going to meet guys in the future?
Seo Jun smiles as he looks at the two pictures he just took tells her she’s pretty. Hana turns to look at him slightly.
Seo Jun: I won’t forget it, and I don’t regret it either.
Seo Jun gets up and turns back to her.
Seo Jun: Ah! Let’s eat dinner together.
Hana: Ah… that…
Seo Jun: Just wait. I’ll call you.
Hana: Today is a bit….

Sun Ho heads in and is surprised to see them up and asks how her first night went. Hana looked down not knowing what to say. Seo Jun notices this and tells him she does not remember anything. Sun Ho looks between the two of them confused. Hana explains that she drank a lot so she can’t remember and that her head hurts. 

Yoon Hee is having her eyes checked by a doctor who explains that her eyesight is going because of a tuberculosis infection she had when she was young but it is moving quite fast. She walks outside and pulls out her phone pondering whether or not to call In ha but decides against it  and just leaves. She doesn’t know that In Ha is walking behind her and he does so for a while but then decides to greet her and takes her over to his studio/apartment. He leads her inside and apologizes for the mess but he tells her he cleaned it all day.
Seo Jun is working as his mom comes to introduce him to a new client who likes and has seen Seo Jun’s work.
In Ha is preparing the food as Yoon Hee is sitting at the table waiting. He asks her what she is thinking but she tells him nothing so he turns on some music. Yoon Hee tells him she listened to the song he sent her and that he missed everyone. In Ha then suggest they go together next time.
Yoon Hee:  Are they still the same?
In Ha: Because a lot of time has passed. When time passes, some people become bad, some people are still the same. And some.. get better. I don’t think I’m one of the ones who got better. Because you weren’t there.
Yoon Hee looks up at him and gets up and offers to help. In Ha insists she doesn’t as she is a guest. She thanks him for inviting her as she was having a hard day. In Ha smiles at this. 

Hana is working at the arboretum when she hears her phone ring and picks it up. Seo Jun tells her that he will see her at 7pm and then hangs up before she could say anything. 

Seo Jun smiles as he head back to work and hears his mom telling the caller to stop calling her and to be good to his wife and that their relationship is over. Hye Jung turns around and is surprised to see her son there. He is not happy to hear this and walks away with a disappointed look. Hana hurries back to her room to find something to wear but couldn’t find anything. She then looks at some of the photos Seo Jun took of her and an idea comes to mind. 

Seo Jun finishes up the shoot and shakes the hand of the new client and walks past his mom ignoring her as she talks him. She excuses herself and goes after her son asking him to eat with her before leaving. Seo Jun tells her she doesn’t need to explain anything to him as she can live any way she wants to and heads into the elevator. Hye Jung tells him he can go and comments on how both him and his father were alike and self-righteous and walks away. After hearing this Seo Jun goes to talk his mom.
Hana is already at the meeting place and smiles as she touches her hair as she let it down wondering if she looks strange. 

Seo Jun tells his mom to talk quickly as he has an appointment and doesn’t want to keep her waiting. His mom tells him to sit as she is busy too. She tells him that relationship with that man was over and that she didn’t know he was married. Seo Jun tells her he doesn’t want to know this and that he just doesn’t understand is that even without his dad, she has a lot in life including work that she enjoys. She insists she has nothing and tells him that he should come home to be on her side. Seo Jun tells her he is sick of this. She continues to play the guilt card and tells him that his dad is meeting his first love and that if she didn’t have him she wouldn’t have married his dad. Seo Jun gets up and leaves feeling upset that she is blaming him for everything. Hana is sitting on a bench still waiting and looks at her phone to see no calls. She calls him and puts her phone down as she sees him and walks towards him and was about to scold him but notices that he looked different than usual so she asks him if something was wrong. They both sit down and she is watching him.

Hana: Is there really something wrong?
Seo Jun:  You put your hair down.
Hana: Ah. This. This, well…It’s not because I care. Just.. Just because…
Seo Jun: it looks good on you.
Hana looks away shyly. Seo Looks away too and asks if she is hungry. Hana insists she is fine.
Seo Jun:  You. Your mother and her first love…You wanted them to start over again, right? Me too. My parents…I used to wish that they could start all over again, too. \
Hana: But what?
Seo Jun: Just that. Just because. I’m just saying that’s how I was. Tell me something funny.
Hana: What?
Seo Jun: You have lots of funny things on your cellphone.
Hana: Ah.. Lately, I don’t know any funny stuff….
Seo Jun: What is that?

Hana: It’s funny, right? It’s funny!
Seo Jun: Fine. Let’s say it is funny.
Hana: Oh, then…
Seo Jun is looking at her intently while Hana is thinking of what else might be funny and remembers something and turns to face him. Seo Jun kisses her quickly and pulls away. 
 Seo Jun: don’t forget this one.
Hana just looks at him. Seo Jun turns to her.
Seo Jun: I am doing it for real now. If you want to avoid it, you can. One. Two. Three. 

Seo Jun moves in to kiss her as Hana closes her eyes. The waterfall comes on causing Hana to get up and leave with her bag. Seo Jun gest up and grabs her by the arm and kisses her again taking her face into his hands. As he continues to kiss her, she drops her bag on the floor. 

 End of Recap Enjoy.

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good..great pics and drama!.
thanks U....Yoona is amazing acting..very well!
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