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Thursday, 5 April 2012 - 10:22

Episode 4 Recap - #

This is going to be a sad episode, everyone please get your tissues ready.

From the previous episode, In Ha and Yoon Hee meets each other during the evening. Because both of them were missing each other so much. They took a short stroll along the street.

In Ha: Where you were going? 
Yoon Hee: Just going out for a stroll. You were coming to my house? 
In Ha: Ah, no.. me too, just going out for a stroll. I was walking and I saw you coincidentally. 
In Ha: But actually, I missed you alot. 
Yoon Hee: Me too. 

In Ha finally dares to hold Yoon Hee's hand! That was really sweet. After taking a short stroll, they sat on a bench nearby the church. Yoon Hee noticed the wound on In Ha’s lips. In Ha assured her that everything will be okay between him and Chang Mo.

In Ha: You didn’t go to the hospital? 
Yoon Hee: nods head. 
In Ha: I knew it will be like this. 
Yoon Hee: Sorry. 
In Ha: I told you to go. 
Yoon Hee: Sorry. 
In Ha: Ehhh, love means never having to say you’re sorry. We always feel sorry for other people, so we should never say sorry to each other. 
Yoon Hee: love means never having to say you’re sorry. 

Yoon Hee promises In Ha.

 In Ha: That time, I didn’t know with what kind of feeling she prepared for the ending.

Suddenly there was music being played in the church, people were dancing in the church. To make their date even more interesting, In Ha and Yoon Hee danced to the music as well.

In Ha: I made a song with the lyrics that you wrote. 
Yoon Hee: really? 
In Ha: Ya, but the last part, I wrote myself, because I have something to tell you. 
Yoon Hee: what is it? In Ha: I will sing it to you. 

 In Ha continues to compose the song he wrote, Love Rain .

 I love rain, I love you (last part of the lyrics) 

Yoon Hee enters the class and saw Hye Jung with an upset face. She tried to greet her and In Sook, but Hye Jung walked away sulkily. Yoon Hee's classmate approached her, and said some awful things to her.

Student: Kim Yoon Hee, do you have attitude problem? Can you at least play your role well as a classmate? 

On the other side, Dong Wook calls In Ha to the tennis court for a match. At the tennis court, In Ha just stood there quietly and did not return all the balls hit by Dong Wook. He let the ball hit on his body. That was really painful. Chang Mo, Hye Jung and In Sook were looking at them by the side.

A student told Yoon Hee about Dong Wook confronting In Ha. She rushes to the tennis court and saw In Ha was being hit by the tennis balls. Yoon Hee couldn't stand to see In Ha in pain anymore, she runs over to covers In Ha and asked Dong Wook to stop. Dong Wook gets even more angry and runs to In Ha, probably to punch him. Chang Mo tried to stop Dong Wook.

Dong Wook : Are you going to be a coward forever?! And continue to act innocent? 
In Ha: I am not going to fight with you And I don’t want to bring Yoon Hee in this. 
Dong Wook: You….bas…. 
Yoon Hee: stop it! 
Dong Wook walks away. 

Yoon Hee: Everything is happening because of me. 
In Ha: No. 
Hye Jung: Yes, of course. Everything is happening because of you. 

Hye Jung takes out Yoon Hee’s diary from her bag, which she took from In Ha’s locker the other day. Yoon Hee was startled to see the reappearance of her lost diary. Hye Jung told her that the diary was with In Ha all this time.

Yoon Hee: Did you read the content of the diary? 
Hye Jung: Both of you really thought that you were made for each other? Everything is a lie. I wish you will disappear. If it’s not because of you, In Ha and Dong Wook wouldn’t fight! 
In Ha: Hye Jung.. 
Hye Jung: Please! Don’t ruin everything else. 

Yoon Hee was totally hurt by all the things that happened, and as well as by Hye Jung’s words. She walked away in disappointment. In Ha wanted to go after Yoon Hee, but was stopped by Hye Jung.

Hye Jung: Don’t be like this! We are nothing for you?! I like you too. I am not crying because I like you, so don’t make that kind of expression. I like you, but why I look like a bad person here?

 But however, In Ha still runs to find Yoon Hee. While he was chasing her, the national anthem was broadcasted . They had to stand still. Yoon Hee turns around and saw In Ha. She avoided making eye contact with him. But he kept staring at her.

Somehow, In Ha couldn’t bare it anymore, he walks over and hugs Yoon Hee while the national anthem was still playing. Yoon Hee just shrugged off In Ha’s hug and walked away. In Ha was left devastated.

That evening, it was raining heavily. Yoon Hee sitting in her room, looking through her yellow diary and flashing back the moment when she asked In Ha if he saw her diary. Yoon Hee was all teary. She flips to the last page, she saw In Ha’s writing.

I am thankful to this diary, which allowed us to meet each other.
I thought of returning it you someday, 
Although I look very disgrace/shameful, but I want to write this down. 
Please remember this, I am sincere to you. 

 While reading the words, Yoon Hee heard In Ha calling her from outside the house. In Ha was all wet, standing in the rain without an umbrella.

In Ha: Yoon Hee, please listen to me. As promised, I won’t apologize to you. I know I did wrong, but I got to know more about you from the diary, I am very happy. I am sincere. Please believe me, Yoon Hee. 

Yoon Hee gets up from the chair and wanted to look out the window, but suddenly she began coughing so badly, her handkerchief was stained with blood. Previously, she had her check up in the hospital, she was diagnosed with tuberculosis, serious stage. But she kept it a secret from In Ha and the rest of her friends.

In the class, In Sook heard some students gossiping about Yoon Hee and got to know that Yoon Hee was diagnosed with tuberculosis. In Sook quickly finds Hye Jung in Cest La Vie cafe and tells her that Yoon Hee has gone back to hometown. In Ha who was sitting beside Hye Jung was shocked to hear that.

All the 5 of them, goes to Yoon Hee’s house to look for her. Unfortunately, she had gone back to her hometown.

A policeman stopped Chang Mo. He asked if the song sang by Im Su Hyuk was made by him and Seo In Ha. Perhaps the song contained some illegal or banned stuff during the the 70's.Moving to the next scene, where Chang Mo and In Ha were in their room having a small talk before they sleep. In Ha tells Chang Mo that he decides to go and find Yoon Hee.

Yoon Hee is sitting outside and looking at the sky. Her grandma sees her concerned and asks why doesn't she go inside when its cold outside. She saids its fine. She wanted to get some air. Her grandma suggests that she take a walk. Yoon Hee nods and gets up. After a moment her grandma saids to Yoon Hee that they should go to her uncles as soon as they get the invitation. “If it is not curable here then we have to go elsewhere.” She said it’s difficult for her now and that it will be easier at her uncles place wehre she can rest. Yoon Hees nods seeing how difficult this was for her grandma. Her Grandma tells her she made the right decision with tears in her eyes. Yoon Hee goes for her walk.

In Ha walks toward her grandma’s house and asks where she is explaining that he is a friend from school. He rushes off to find her. As he looks around he remembers that her father was primary school teacher and heads off in that direction of the school. As he looks around he hears the organ and remembers what she told him about her father playing the organ and he finds her playing the organ. He walks into the school watching her with sad eyes and opens the door to the music room and Yoon hee sees him and stops playing and gets up to leave.

In Ha stops her and asks her to wait. One second is enough. He asks how she can just leave like that? What about him?” He asks if she doesn’t want to see him. Yoon Hee turns around and looks at him passively.

In Ha looks down and asks her if she can forgive him.

“It doesn’t look like I have to. On the day that you were waiting for me in front of my class I think you were going to return my diary. But I had to leave suddenly to attend to urgent matters so it wasn’t your fault.” Yoon Hee saids.

In Ha looks down and nods.

Yoon hee continues and saids.

“I just realized my feelings weren’t true. It wasn’t you that I liked. I just wanted to meet someone that could understand me. I didn’t know you were speaking from the diary so I thought it was love.” She continues by saying when she realized this she felt ashamed and like she was playing with both him and Dong Wook’s feelings just like the rumors said. That’s why she ran because she didn’t want to hurt anyone. She then asks him not to look for her again. She turns to leave.

In Ha grabs her arm and pleaded her not to lie to him. “It’s a lie.” She asks him to let go. He asks her to listen to him as he has a lot to say with tears in his eyes. She pulls away telling him she doesn’t want to listen right now and leaves. He asks her to come to their radio show. He’ll be waiting for her.

Yoon Hee walks back to her grandma’s crying. Her grandma notices and asks what’s wrong. She saids, “ I will get better. I will be back. I will get better and come back here. I will definitely come back. ” while crying as she sits down. Her grandma takes her into her arms and reassures her that she will be okay.

Yoon Hee is now packing her things and looks at the watch that In Ha gave her. She remembers when he told her that he finished the song with the lyrics she gave him and that he wrote the ending and that there was something that he wanted to tell her. Then flashes to him telling her to come to their radio show and that he was waiting for her.

Dong Wook apologizes to the rest of the group for being late. Chang Mo being nervous asks if they have to do this. He then asks if Hye Jung and In Suk were here yet. Then after a moment asks if Yoon Hee would be coming. In Ha honestly tells him that he doesn’t know if she will. They decide to call a truce for now while Chang Mo suggests they just get over it. Hye Jung and In Sook arrive with flowers. In Suk kisses Chang Mo on the cheek for good luck and leaves. Hye Jung turns to leave as well. In Ha apologizes and thanks Hye Jung. Hye Jung smiles and turns around. They all head off to get ready for the show while Chang Mo notices the cops nervously.

The show begins. C’est La Vie is the last band to perform and they will be performing the song Love Rain which he wrote. They ask him about the song and he explains that he was thinking about a rainy day when he wrote the song. The DJ prods him for information such as if he was with someone on that day. And he saids yes and that hopes that she was here today. And the audience woos. Yoon Hee enters the auditorium and stands by the doorway. In Ha sees her and smiles. They sing the song with In Ha thinking about their first rainy day and their beach date while Dong Wook is thinking about the time he and Yoon Hee first met and Chang Mo was thinking about confessing to Hye Jung. Yoon Hee is crying softly as she listens to this song as he ends with the phrase “I love rain and I love you.” Smiling at her. The audience cheers and applauds. Yoon hee does the same. The DJ gives them an encore and asks them to play ‘Who will stop the rain.”

As they are singing to police enter where Chang Mo lives and asks to see his room and they search it. When they leave the stage the police are waiting for Chang Mo. He runs and tells In Ha to run as well. They grab In Ha and take him away with him protesting. Yoon hee wants to go over but felt weak so grabs onto to something and starts to cough and slowly sinks to the ground. Dong Wook sees this and breaks apart from the police to Yoon Hee. He shakes her and notices that she has fainted and has a bit of blood at the corner of her mouth and looks down and see the blood on her hand.

Dong Wook visits In Ha in jail. In Ha asks about Chang Mo who was fine and how they did in the festival. They got first place but when he asks him about Yoon Hee he tells him that he didn’t get to see her. In Ha asks him to tell Yoon Hee that he is okay. Dong wook asks him what happens now? He replies that he will have to serve the army earlier now.

Chang Mo is hiding from the police. Hye Jung secretly meets him and gives him some stuff from her mom so that he would have money. He thanks her and tells the others to forget about him as well. Dong Wook returns from visiting In Ha and is sitting with Yoon Hee who is at the hospital. He tells her about In Ha and tells her he didn’t tell him about her illness since she asked him not to. Yoon Hee tells him that she will be going to the US to get treated in the US and live with her uncle. Even if she doesn’t get better she didn’t want her grandma to be alone. Dong Wook asks since she ‘s leaving that it’s best to In Ha. She tells him she will tell him when she gets better and comes back because she doesn’t him get hurt or be worried. She asks him not to tell In ha. Dong Wook doesn’t answer but looks down.

Hye Jung, In Sook and Dong Wook came to see In Ha off. Dong Wook gives him a package with Yoon Hee. He opens it to find the watch and a letter. In the letter she tells him she is glad he is okay and that she is leaving for the US to live with her uncle. She tells him was she was really happy to hear his song and thanks him for watching Love Story with her, keeping her dry on rainy days and listening to her story about her parents and having the same ideas as she has. She looks forward to telling him all this in person and tells him she was happy and thanks him for everything. (So sad, saying good bye.) However he didn’t believed their love was over because she didn’t say sorry. “Love means never having to say that you are sorry.”

As the train started to move Dong wook decided he couldn’t stay quiet and tells him that Yoon Hee left because of her illness but she will come back when she is better. He tells him to wait for her and he will see her again. (So sweet of Dong Wook). In Ha is crying as he hears this news on the train .

Now there is a time jump in 2012. Seo Joon is taking photographs on the train. After getting off the train he bumps into Jung Ha Na. She says sorry. He looks at her and voice over going 1 2 3.

Thanks for reading the recap. Sorry for the delay.:)


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Blogger lexie | 6 April 2012 at 07:54  

The BEST EPISODE so far!!! YoonA's acting chops and sensitivity as an actress was finally unleashed in this installment. While in the first 3 episodes, she showed a subtle and subdued acting in showing her emotions effectively, in this episode all pent up emotions were conveyed through RAIN of TEARS from both YoonA & Jang Geun Suk. I will miss the 70s especially the ETHEREAL BEAUTY of Yoonhee, but i am so excited with the 2012 generation especially for JUNG HANA!!!

Blogger Love Rain Admin | 8 April 2012 at 15:16  

lexie, i am so impressed by YoonA's acting as well! Although I wished the 70's could remain longer a little more. Let's look forward to an exciting 2012 generation in Love Rain :)

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