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Cast: Jang Keun Suk, Yoona
Broadcast network: KBS2TV
Broadcast period: 26th March 2012
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55(Korean Time)

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Saturday, 21 April 2012 - 11:36

Episode 8 Recap - #
In Ha managed to chase Yoon Hee along the road and met her the other side of the road.

In Ha: Is that you? You're still alive! 

Both of them stared each other unbelievably with teary eyes in the rain. Yoon Hee walks few steps ahead and covered In Ha with her yellow umbrella. They finally met each other after 32 years of separation, on a rainy day as well.  

Seo Jun and Hana were getting shelter from the rain at a small hut.

Hana: What you wanted to say?
Seo Jun: Once I say it's over, then it's over. 
Hana: That's why.
Seo Jun: That's why, we end here and start all over again.
Hana: Start what all over again?
Seo Jun: That.. why you kept calling me these few days? Why do you even call me, when I don't even pick your call, and you even came to look for me? You want to do part-time job? But it seems like you don't want to do that part-time job. 
Hana: That.. because I didn't know you that well last time. Felt awkward, and you also got angry.
Seo Jun: Ah, is that so?
Hana: Why are you smiling?
Seo Jun: So you mean, you didn't want to end with me? Of course, where would you even meet someone like me in the world? If we end here, isn't it too pity?
Hana: Why am I even telling you all this..I'm leaving.
Seo Jun: If you leave, then how about me? I don't have an umbrella.
Hana: that's your problem. Call someone to help you.

Seo Jun grabs Hana's sleeves and doesn't want to let go. With his charming face, he tells Hana,

Seo Jun: I'll treat you good from now on.
Hana: Why?
Seo Jun: Why am I doing that? 

Hana's phone rang and interrupted their conversation.

Seo Jun: So noisy! You changed your phone, but why are you still using the same ringtone? 
Hana: When you're working, if it's not this kind of ringtone, you won't be able to hear your phone ringing.

It was Hana's mum calling her, Seo Jun got a call from his dad as well. Both of them telling them same thing to their parents, asked them not to worry. 

In Ha and Yoon Hee walked in a cosy cafe, while waiting for the rain to stop. In Ha kept looking at Yoon Hee, it was not enough no matter how long he looked at her. He missed her a lot. Yoon Hee starts the conversation.

Yoon Hee: It's been a long time. Really long time.
In Ha: I thought you were not in this world anymore, and I lived on like that,
Yoon Hee: I also thought about that, you would be living this kind of life.
In Ha: When did you came back from America?
Yoon Hee: It's already 10 years.
In Ha: Why you didn't find me? I kept thinking that you were dead, and I've been suffering since then. If I knew you were alive, I would feel much better.
Yoon Hee: I was able to hear about your news every now and then, from the news, about your exhibitions, on magazines, I saw your family photo. I knew you and Hye Jung were married. I felt happy for you two. You looked happy.
In Ha: During that time, how was your life?
Yoon Hee: I was very happy too. It's raining today also, just like the day we met. Sorry. I couldn't tell you that I was alive.

Seo Jun and Hana walking under one umbrella, along the streets.

Seo Jun: What's wrong with this area? Why the roads are so high?
Hana: That's why I told you not to come, why did you follow me?
Seo Jun: How to live in such high places? You walk like this everyday? Of course, you're solid.
Hana: What?!
Seo Jun: You know why I am following you? I told you just now, I'll treat you better from today onwards.
Hana: This is what you mean by "treating me better"?
Hana's right shoulder was getting wet due to the rain, and umbrella was small to fit both of them.

Seo Jun: It your raincoat that is getting wet, my clothes can't get wet.
Hana: This is my umbrella.
Seo Jun: Okay.

Seo Jun: Ah, i hate rainy days.
Hana: But I like it.
Seo Jun: Why?
Hana: Because my mum likes rainy days, when I was small, we would go for a stroll during rainy days. So, there's many happy memories during rainy days.
Seo Jun: Weren't you saying you wanted to meet your mum's first love, in Japan?
Hana: Because of who I wasn't able to meet him?
Seo Jun: That's why. Why do you even want to meet him?
Hana: My mum is sick. So I want them to meet each other, one time. Why am I telling you all this? This is a secret, Okay?!

Hana saw the place she wanted to rent, she runs with her umbrella, leaving Seo Jun standing there in the rain.

After having their short conversation, In Ha and Yoon Hee bids each other goodbye.

In Ha: We will meet each other again right?
Yoon Hee: (shakes head) I'm really happy that I met you again,
In Ha: Really don't want to meet again?
Yoon Hee: For me, it's enough to know that you're happy as me.

Yoon Hee walks away, bidding him goodbye. In Ha too walked away reluctantly. After a few steps, In Ha realized that he must get Yoon Hee back, he runs back to chase Yoon Hee. But she was no where to be found. Yoon Hee was actually in a pharmacy, buying eye medicine.

Seo Jun follows Hana to look for rooms to rent. He made a great fuss over all the rooms.

Seo Jun: But why is it so narrow?
House owner: You're right, if it's for two people, then it's a little narrow. Are you newly married couple?
Hana: No!!
House owner: Then, you're living together?
Seo Jun: What?!

The next house they went.
Seo Jun: Why is this staircase so narrow?

Seo Jun didn't like the room, again, he dragged Hana outside.

Hana: Why you keep following me?
Seo Jun: There's a guy keep staring from the opposite, how a girl suppose to live there?
Hana: Then how? I can't even find part-timejob and room too.
Seo Jun: I'll find for you.
Hana: What?
Seo Jun: I said I will find for you. Part-time job and room as well.
Hana: Why you keep saying impossible things?
Seo Jun: I said I'll find for you!
Hana: What's wrong with you?
Seo Jun: I said I will treat you good, right?
Hana: You're so weird today. You said you want to start from the beginning and treat me better. And now you're saying you're going to help me find part-time job and room.
Seo Jun: Are you stupid? I am an expensive and busy person. But you still didn't realize the reason why I keep following you?

Hana's phone start to ring again. It was her senior, Tae Sung. Seo Jun grabs her mobile phone and rejected the phone call.

Seo Jun: You said this guy was special for you, right? Dating?
Hana: No.. How can you reject the phone call!
Seo Jun: Why? I only helped you reject the phone call. You're dumped? Indeed dumped. How can you get dumped by this kind of people? I said that I will treat you better, means everything about you matters to me. Since the beginning, everything about you matters to me, when we met again in Korea, and now too I am very concerned about you.
Hana: But..why?
Seo Jun: That.. I don't know. However, till I know the reason, I'll keep you by my side.
Hana: What?
Seo Jun: Seems like I am unable to help you find a room today, so I'll go first. Don't come late on the photo shooting day.
Hana: Photo shooting?

Seo Jun walks into an alley, so nervous,

Seo Jun: Wow, I was totally cool!

Back to Sun Ho's place, Seo Jun tells Sun Ho that he wants to rent one of his rooms. Seo Jun was a little awkward about his parent's plan for remarriage.

Hana sitting on a bench near a park, she's still looking for rooms & houses. Seo Jun's words flashed through her mind,

Hana: I didn't hear wrong right? Or has he gone mad? Or maybe he wants to torture me? Sigh, can I find a part-time job? 
Hana's phone rang again, it was Tae Sung calling. Hana didn't want to pick the call, she spoke to the phone.

Hana: Stupid, you want to know if I am okay right?  But Senior, I don't feel like talking to you right now. Work hard okay? 

Yoon Hee goes home, and looks through her old diaries. While In Ha find Dong Wook and tells him that he met Yoon Hee, she's alive.

Hana comes home after a long day out, she found her mum sitting outside looking at the sky. They had a little mother-daughter conversation.

In Ha decided to go look for Yoon Hee in her garden. He watches her as she weeds and she gets up and turns around and sees him. In Ha walks towards her and grabs her into a hug. 

Yoon Hee and In Ha are sitting in the greenhouse both looking down. Yoon Hee is taking a sip of her tea and started to say something In Ha interrupts. 

In Ha: I can't do that.
Yoon Hee looks up as he saids this.

 In Ha: It might sound selfish but I have to say it.  I couldn't be happy. Because you weren't there with me I was very sad. So sad that I was unhappy. My time stopped there at that beach where we walked.

Yoon Hee looked down and nodded.

In Ha: I broke up with Hye Jung a long time ago. I couldn't make her happy. I was only hurting her. I had made people around me unhappy and I was also unhappy. While you weren't there I changed alot.
Yoon Hee: No you didn't. The person in front of me is the same as the person from that time.
In Ha: I don't want to lose you anymore. I can't let you go like this.  Save me please?
Yoon Hee: I… I don't have a right to do that anymore. I'm sorry. I love my daughter and husband. And I'm trying hard to be happy. I just want to live like this. I will only make you unhappy. I'm sorry.
In Ha:  Don't say that you're sorry. I don’t what to hear those words coming from you.

He saids this very solemnly looking out the window.
After In Ha left Yoon Hee sits there by herself looking sad and wonders what she should do now that he came.

Hye Jung is in her office going over some papers from her workers and reads the information on Yoon Hee. She learns that she works in the Jooam Resort Arboretum and her husband had passed away a long time ago. She is frantically trying to all In Ha but there is no answer.

In Ha  is walking down the path to the beach where he and Yoon Hee last walked as he thinks about the last time he was here with Yoon Hee as he looks out into the ocean.

Hye Jung is meeting with Chang Mo and tells him that Yoon Hee’s husband passed away and that she is not going to tell In Ha this. Chang Mo chides her as he doesn’t want to lie to his best friend and what about Yoon Hee. Hye Jung begs him not tell In Ha as she fears that he would leave forever if he knew. She asks for one last glass of alcohol as she won’t drink more since In Ha doesn’t like it. 

Hana arrives at Seo Jun’s studio for her photoshoot. The studio is quite busy as all the staff are getting ready for the shoot. Hana looks around curiously as the cameras are set up and tested and all the clothes and jewelry being set up. Hana remembers what Seo Jun had said bout keeping her by his side and sighs. Hana tries out some outfits for the shoot as Seo Jun comes in complaining about the noise. He sees Hana and then stares at her for a moment and then tells the others to get ready for the shoot.  Seo Jun beings to takes some photos but Hana is having some trouble posing. Seo Jun looks at her and looks at his assistant and sighs. He gives her many instructions but it doesn’t seem to be working as Hana can’t seem to relax and look natural. Seo Jun then tries putting on some music and gets her to move naturally to it.  Hana does some cute and funny dances.  Seo Jun stops her again.

Seo Jun: What are you trying to show with these clothes?
Hana: What?
Assistant: It's Hana’s first time isn’t it?
Seo Jun: A model who doesn’t know what she wants to show with these clothes. How am I supposed to film her? 

He sighs and tells them to bring magazines and pictorial data.  He begins to go through the magazines and tells Hana to go pick what she likes since she is the one who will be wearing the clothes. She ends up picking some outfits and he tells his stylist to go find them right away as they will continue shooting in the afternoon. Hana apologizes to the assistant for causing the delay.  The assistant tells her not to worry since she's new at this and looks at Seo Jun and asks her if she thinks Seo Jun looks handsome today. Hana turns to look at him. Seo Jun quickly looks away and places poses. (So handsome).

Hana comes out in her new outfit and everyone is saying how perfect and beautiful she looks. Seo Jun just stares at her. Hana is smiling and looking down at the compliments.
Stylist: As expected it’s different when you pick your own clothes. Perfect.
Seo Jun: Shut up!
Seo Jun starts to take pictures.
Seo Jun: Do the clothes fit?
Hana: Yeah.
Seo Jun: Just look at me. Just stand there and look at me ok?

Hana nods.  Seo Jun tells her to look over at him and takes some photos.
The stylist and assistant are making sounds and telling Hana she’s really pretty. Seo Jun notices that this is distracting Hana so he tells everyone to leave and he will take pictures with just the two of them.  Then the rest of the crew leaves. 

Hana: Why.. is just us two shooting?
Seo Jun: Isn’t this good, to have me who is easy to handle stay.
Hana: Who is easy to handle?
Seo Jun: Why did you even choose that outfit?
Hana looks down and Seo Jun takes a picture as she answers the question.
Hana: Because it’s both elegant and pretty. It’s going to be spring soon and the flower print is pretty.
Seo Jun: Do you always like flowers?
Hana: They’re pretty! They can move people.
Seo Jun: Next outfit. 

Hana is now wearing a pink sleeveless dress with a bow.

Seo Jun stares at her for a moment before taking a picture.
Seo Jun: Why did you pick this one?

Hana: The color is really pretty.  Does it look weird?
Seo Jun: It doesn’t look weird.  

Next up is a yellow dress with her hair tied in a pony tail.  Hana is laughing as she is saying she likes it because it feels fresh. Looks good. Like this. Seo Jun takes a few more photos and tells her it’s the end.
Hana: Really?
Seo Jun: You don’t want it to be over?
Hana: You’re really fast. Really impressive.
Seo Jun: Right? I’m usually this kind of person.
Hana: It’s good that it ended fast. I don’t think I’ll ever do this a second time.
Seo Jun: You are really pretty.
Seo Jun takes a couple more pictures.
Seo Jun: Surprised face included!

The assistant, stylist and Hana are looking at the pictures. They all agree they are great. Hana is surprised they are really of her.
Seo Jun: I told you before. In order to get pictures taken from me, it’s going to be expensive. This is the reason. You should be honored.
Assistant: I admit his skill. If only his attitude was a bit better. 

Hana agrees and looks at the pictures again before changing and leaving with her pay. She walks past Seo Jun and Sun Ho.  Seo Jun looks at her and shakes his head. 

Hana: Ah what now?
Seo Jun: Color and texture, none of them match. And why are your clothes so big too? You picked the clothes today. Wear clothes like that from now on! That was your style! You can take one of the outfits. I’ll give it to you as a gift.
Hana: I don’t want it. I have my own style okay?  How can I wear uncomfortable clothes like that?
Seo Jun: That is the fashion.
Sun Ho: Okay. Okay. I like comfortable clothes. They’re the best for your job. Comfortable clothes are good.
Seo Jun: What? You like those clothes? I’ll take a picture and show you.  

He gets up with his camera and zooms in on her as Hana shrugs and tilts her head and  smiles. As he looks at her he stops and looks at her putting down the camera.
Hana: What?
Sun Ho: What’s wrong?
Seo Jun: Just feel like there’s no reason to take more.
Hana: Well anyway, thank you. It was a really good experience.
Sun Ho: Then are you not modeling again? That’s sad. Then that means we won’t see each other again. 

Seo Jun seems to just realize that he won’t see her again and looks at her.
Hana: That’s right. Sorry for always troubling you. I’ll see you again when there’s a chance.
Seo Jun: Yeah We can see each other another time or not.
And he looks away quickly.

Hana bows and then leaves. Seo Jun watches her walk away and looks like he wants to say something to her but stops. Hana leaves the building look a bit sad. Seo Jun comes out and turns her around by her shoulder. 

Seo Jun: You…
Hana: What?
Seo Jun: It seems like you forgot something. What I told you before.
Hana: Oh that. That you’ll have me by your side?
Seo Jun:  Yeah that…
Hana:  You want me to forget what you said?
Seo Jun looks surprised to hear that.
Hana: Don’t worry about it! In any case, I wasn’t even thinking about it. Don’t worry. I already forgot everything. 

Seo Jun looks surprised and then looks away frustrated.
Seo Jun: Yeah.. Fine then. Do that.
Hana: What?
Seo Jun: Do that. Forget everything. Satisfied? Okay? 

Sun Ho’s sister comes up and puts her arms around him. Seo Jun pulls away at this until he sees who it is.  She mentions how much she missed him in the past 3 months and how handsome he is.  Hana takes her leave seeing this.  Seo Jun watches her.
Seo Jun: Yeah, I’m going to forget her and not see her again. 

Later that night, Seo Jun is looking at the pictures he took and then closes his computer as he wonders if he is crazy. 

Hana is on her way looking for rooms and walks past where Sun Ho who is on one of his runs to look after his grandfather. As he is about the leave he sees an older man sneaking off and follows him. Hana happens to see the old man and checks to see if he is okay and helps him sit down. Sun Ho quickly meets them. He quickly proceeds to check his blood pressure and asks Hana to help hold him down. Afterwards Sun Ho buys some beer which Hana likes and they drink together.

Sun Ho: About today.  Thank you. If you need anything, just let me know.
Hana: It’s okay. This is good enough.
Sun Ho explains that the old man lost his wife because of high blood pressure so he doesn’t want to check it. Hana is surprised that where he worked was a hospital and that he’s a doctor. Their hospital is called white garden which she really likes and mentions that the place does look like a garden and excitedly draws what she thinks it used to look like. Sun Ho smiles at seeing her so excited and asks her if she lives near there. She tells him she was just looking at a room. Sun Ho then realized that was why Seo Jun wanted to rent the room. He then asks if she found a room yet and she tells him she hasn’t and she still needs a part-time job.
Sun Ho: Then do you want to work part time?
Hana: What?
Sun Ho: Working part time. If you want, I can find a room too.
Hana: What?

Seo Jun is sitting outside in the garden area and he hears and sees Hana everything. Near the trees, leaving the shed, weeding and walking towards him waving. He convinces himself that he is just overworked. 

In Ha returns home to see Hye Jung waiting for him as she wanted to talk and have a meal with him. She had the table set up with wine glasses and candles and a chef to cook the food. She starts the conversation regarding Jun and Mi –Ho and how she things they would be good together while In Ha disagrees as he doesn’t know what Jun thinks of this arrangement. She then turns the conversation to Jun leaving and not liking her because he doesn’t like her clinging onto him. She asks In Ha to talk to their son about the two of them getting back together. In Ha tells Hye Jung he can’t back together with her as they both know how unhappy they both were then. In Ha apologizes for not being able her happy and then he only realizes now that love isn’t something you can try at and that by trying he just made her unhappier. Hye Jung wonders why he is saying this all of a sudden and he tells her that he met up with Yoon Hee. He tells her that she is alive.
Hye Jung: That.. how did you know that? Did Chang Mo tell you?
In Ha: Chang mo? You knew it too?
Hye Jung: So you met Yoon Hee. So what? Now that you met her, you’re saying that the years you spent with me is just empty shells?
In Ha:  Hye Jung
Hye Jung: So now you two are meeting again?

In Ha just sighs and doesn’t answer.  Hye Jung sees this and scoffs and assumes that is what happens and as he is divorced and she is by herself and how she must not have any problems. In Ha looks up surprised as he clarifies whether or not Yoon Hee is alone. 

Seo Jun is working on his previous model shoot and as he is looking Hana’s picture pops up on his screen again scaring him. He quickly turns off his computer as he hears someone coming in. Sun Ho comes in and makes sure its okay with him to rent the room on the first floor. Sun Ho shows him the picture that Hana drew and then as Seo Jun asks who drew it flipped it over to show an agreement. As he looks it over he saw it was for Hana. Sun Ho explains that he has agreed to have Hana work there part-time and live there. He then tells him that she couldn’t sign it because of him. Seo Jun was surprised to hear that as he looked over the agreement. 

In Ha is driving quickly over to see Yoon Hee. 

 Hana wonders why Seo Jun came all the way over to see her. Hana wanders over to where they said they would meet and sees him. Seo Jun walks over to her. She nervously backs away. 

Hana: Don’t worry I won’t go there. What’s wrong? I already said I wouldn’t go?
Seo Jun: Why do you think that I won’t like it?
Hana: No…I didn’t….
She almost falls as she backs up. Seo Jun pulls her up.
Seo Jun: Listen well, because I’m only going to say it once.  I think I like you.

They are looking into each other eyes but are interrupted but Hana’s mom as she calls for Hana and Hana turn around. 

 End of Recap. Thanks for reading.


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Anonymous Anonymous | 22 April 2012 at 23:25  

Many thanks for your work and best wishes from Slovakia.

Anonymous Anonymous | 23 April 2012 at 02:32  

woow1...I like this!..thanks U..
I love this drama ....yeah!...Yoona and sukkie looks very good together...I can't wait for the next espidoe..please..net episode..upload..thanks U.
good job.
teh best couple Yoona and sukkie.

Blogger dara ting ting | 23 April 2012 at 12:40  

Can't wait for tonigh.............. !!!???

Anonymous Anonymous | 23 April 2012 at 14:47  

Exciting, exhilarating, and captivating!
Stunning chemistry between the leads and
YoonA is captivating as Hana, my gosh she
had me rooted in front of the screen!!!

Anonymous Anonymous | 7 May 2012 at 08:23  

this is the best drama..and Yoona and sukki are the best couple..beauty couple;)

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