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Love Rain - 사랑비
Cast: Jang Keun Suk, Yoona
Broadcast network: KBS2TV
Broadcast period: 26th March 2012
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55(Korean Time)

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Thursday, 29 March 2012 - 23:50

Episode 2 Recap - #
Episode 2 starts off with Seo In Ha, Dong Wook and Chang Mo singing on the stage for their school celebration.  They had varieties of 70s retro game in the school celebration.  Very well portrait of the 70's era university.

Everyone went to get a drink after Dong Wook’s taekwondo performances except In Ha, Yoon Hee and Hye Jung. 

Hye Jung requested In Ha to play the cupid shooting game, as she wanted to get the toy plushy.  The rule of the game was the girl’s name has to be written on the board and he has to shoot the apple on top of the board. In Ha tried twice and Hye Jung got her toy plushy.Then, Hye Jung then insisted Yoon Hee to write her name on the board as well. 

In Ha wasn’t able to concentrate well on the apple. His attempts twice and failed twice.  During the third shot, Yoon Hee asked him to stop. But he does not want to give up his last chance. While In Ha was concentrating on the apple target, Dong Wook interrupts him. Dong Wook wanted to shoot the apple for Yoon Hee. But In Ha insisted that he will shoot for her. And yes, this time he got it! Power of jealousness ? 

During the night, they were having a picnic with soju and makkoli.  This time they were playing a game where you have to answer questions if you lose the game. Something like truth or date. Dong Wook lost.
Hye Jung asked him, what is the difference between all the girls he dated in the past and Yoon Hee? He answered: My heart and my sincerity.

Hye Jung : of course, you said about the “there’s no need for sorry in love. Because love is about sincerity.
Dong Wook: Actually those words were said by In Ha.
Hye Jung: But Yoon Hee said she liked you because you said those words. So the truth is Yoon Hee actually liked In Ha’s words.

Yoon Hee felt happy inside and yet sad at the same time. On other hand, In Ha glances at Yoon Hee and pretends like he doesn't care. The situation gets awkward, In Ha tries to divert everyone's attention to the fireworks in the sky. 

After that, it was folk dance time. Before In Ha moves to the dance floor, Dong Wook tells him that he’s going to confess to Yoon Hee. In Ha’s mood totally changed. 

The dance started, In Ha initially paired up with Hye Jung and Dong Wook danced with Yoon Hee. While dancing, In Ha keeps taking short glances at Yoon Hee, though he could only see her back. As the loop goes, it was In Ha’s turn to pair up with Yoon Hee.  Both of them were so shy to look at each other. The loop goes on, In Ha caught Yoon Hee's hand. But he still let go her hand, reluctantly.

Seo In Ha: I wanted to tell her not to go.  That moment, I realize that no matter what I do I was unable to stop things from happening.

The dance ended, everyone was leaving the hall. Out of sudden, some random guy just hit the arch decoration and it collapsed. Yoon Hee was standing right in front of the arch. In Ha saves her and injured his right hand.

In the emergency room, Yoon Hee sat there feeling guilty and the others restless. Dong Wook asked Yoon Hee to go in and see In Ha while he calls Hye Jung and Chang Mo. Finally some private moment for In Ha and Yoon Hee, he tries to cheer her up Seo In Ha style, but her eyes began tearing. 

She apologizes and told him how much she was worried. Her parents passed away in an car accident because they tried to save her.  Someone barges in the emergency room and spoils their private time together. Yoon Hee looked away to hide her teary eyes.  But Chang Mo felt there was something between them. Somehow he’s smart!

Back in their dorm, Chang Mo asks In Ha if he has something to tell him.

Chang Mo: In Ha, you really have nothing to tell me?
In Ha: about what?
Chang Mo: Erm.. Something that is supposed to be a topic between roommates or girl problems.. ?
Chang Mo: Ah..Maybe not.. Girls problem? 
Chang Mo: Hehe, not that. Or is Girls problem?

When Chang Mo was going to say about the 3-second-girl, and Dong Wook enters the room.  The topic was left unsaid. 

Yoon Hee made some Kimbap(sushi rolls)for injured In Ha. Both Yoon Hee and In Ha sat on a bench in the school. 

Yoon Hee:  Do you feel okay?
In Ha : Yea .
Yoon Hee: It would be hard to eat with your right hand, so I made this for you.  Because it’s easier to eat.  Kimbap.
In Ha: But  I got to go.
Yoon Hee: Oh..Really? Then..please be well soon.

Yoon Hee stands up and leaves awkwardly . 

In Ha changed his mind and stops her. 

In Ha: Miss Yoon Hee!  Do you have some time? I need your help.

In Ha brings Yoon Hee to the guitar shop to collect his new guitar. The owner of the shop thought she was his girlfriend.  In Ha asks Yoon Hee to help him try the guitar, because every guitar has it’s own unique sound. But somehow she doesn’t know how to play a guitar. So he suggested that he will handle the chords with his left hand and Yoon Hee will strum the guitar with her right hand.  They sang the song called  “One Summer Night”.

In Ha asked Yoon Hee about her parents. Yoon Hee tells him the story about her parents who liked “Love Story” movie.  She wanted to watch it when the movie is replayed in cinema recently.  In Ha felt sorry that  she wasn’t able to watch the movie,because of him. 

Yoon Hee unknowingly answers him “There’s no sorry in love”.  In Ha was surprised. A moment later, she realized she wasn’t supposed to say that. Did she just think that she and In Ha are already couple? :D She explained that she didn’t mean that way. 

In Ha asks her if she wants to watch it now.  Unfortunately, the showing of the movie had ended,  both of them looked so disappointed. He asked Yoon Hee to watch with him together if the movie is shown again. 

In Ha walks toward his area of the studio and moves the cloth from the couch and places his items away and tidy things up. "Eat a little first. I'll leave now." Yoon Hee saids. In Ha turns around and nervously saids, "Let's eat together." Yoon Hee looks down slightly and nods and notices In Ha's drawing that he has started. In Ha follows her gaze and quickly goes over to turn the drawing around worried that she might learn of his feelings for her and stands there for a moment thinking.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to look." Yoon hee saids. In Ha quickly turns around blurts out that it's Hye Jung. Surprised and sad to hear this, Yoon Hee looks down and saids that she doesn't want to get in the way of him working and will leave first. In Ha then tells her not to go and eat with him first and goes to get water. In Ha turns on the water and leans forward with a sigh pondering what just happened.

Yoon Hee turns to look at the aisle where the painting was and remembers Hye Jung mentioning that In ha only paints the one that he loves and sighs sadly realizing what that meant and begins to look around the studio. She notices the green locker and opens it. Outside near the faucet In Ha comes to realize that something was happening and rushes back into the studio. (Now the music playing here makes this scene even more dramatic).

Yoon Hee looks through the paintings in the locker and is shocked to see a large painting of her that she drops all the other paintings and then sees how many of them were of her. In Ha comes in seeing that Yoon Hee found the portraits and she was picking them up. Yoon Hee looks at him and puts the portraits down and quickly runs out of the studio while In Ha stands there shocked not knowing what to do. Once outside the Yoon Hee stops taking in all the information with a slight smile realizing what all this means.

In Ha follows soon after and sees her. He walks towards her and calls out her name. Yoon Hee turns around looks down shyly. In Ha notices all the people around them and takes her hand and leads her to a spot where they can talk privately.

"I have something to say. Those paintings... " In Ha saids. Yoon Hee is anxiously waiting to hear what she expects him to say . In Ha takes a deep breath and starts to say something but hears his friends talking. Yoon hee notices that now isn't a good time and saids she will hear what he has to say next time and turns to leave.

In Ha then tells her he doesn't want her to misunderstand anything and that those paintings she found didn't mean anything. He had wanted to paint the scenery and she just happened to be there. He saids all of this without looking at her. Yoon Hee did not expect to hear this and looks down sadly and asks if this was what he wanted to say to her. She saids this with pleading eyes hopeful expression. In Ha still doesn't look at her and sighs and then turns to her and tells her that it was and that his hand is better so she doesn't need to make him lunch anymore.

 No matter what he doesn't want Dong Wook to misunderstand the two of them because he's a very important friend. Yoon Hee is heartbroken to hear this but keeps her composure and assures him that she won't misunderstand anything and walks away quickly. In Ha watches her walk away with a pained expression not liking what he did.

Kim Chang Mo rushes in to the studio and sees In Ha's paintings of Yong Hee and quickly rushes Dong Wook and Hye Jung out so they don't see them. On the way out from the window Dong Wook sees Yoon Hee walking and rushes out to meet her. In Ha returns inside and sadly looks at the paintings on the ground.

Dong Wook follows Yoon Hee get off the bus. Yoon Hee notices and turns around telling him she is going to work and needs to go there alone. Dong wook senses that she's angry and asks what's wrong and when she doesn't answer tells her she is pretty when she's angry. Yoon Hee tells him to stop what he's doing. Why does he like her? He doesn't know anything about her and basically tells him to stop with a really sad expression on her face looking down and walks away.

"Because you're like someone I know. " Dong Wook answers. Yoon Hee turns around looking at him. Dong Wook explains she's like his mother who passed away when he was little. She looks at him with understanding.

 Meanwhile In Ha is sitting in the studio alone feeling down as he finally picked up the paintings on the ground. Yoon Hee tells Dong Wook he also lost her parents when she was young as it starts to rain. Dong Wook grabs her wrist and leads her where there is a cover and brushes the rain off her shoulder. Yoon Hee tells him she can do it and he apologizes and they both look away with a sheepish smile. Dong Wook then asks her out. Yoon Hee looks at him surprised. Voice over by In Ha: One person's beginning is another's ending.

In Ha looks at the new drawing and thinks to himself how it only took in 3 seconds to love her but to stop loving someone would take more than 3 seconds. In Ha decides to look for Yoon Hee after thinking a moment. In Ha manages to see her but notices that she is with Dong Wook and hides. He watches them with very sad expression. He seems Yoon Hee smiling and laughing and the voiceover goes 'It was a painful youth for us all"

At the train station Dong Wook tells everyone that he asked out Yoon Hee and that if she comes with today that means she answered yes but if her answer is no that she wouldn't come. In Ha looks slightly surprised to hear this and looks away.

Dong Wook and In Ha stay outside waiting to see if Yoon Hee will arrive. At the final boarding call Dong Wook heads in first. In Ha stays a bit longer watching with a wishful look as he realizes if she doesn't come he may never get to see her. In Ha gets on but sticks his head out as the bell rings and sees Yoon Hee arriving.

He waves to her and as he sees the train starting to move tells her to run and he pulls her up and her face almost lands on his shoulder. Yoon Hee pulls further back but their hands are still entangled. "Thank you." She saids softly and In Ha only nods.

Dong Wook comes over and happily sees that Yoon Hee did come and they both look up at Dong Wook and let go of each other's hand. The rest of the gang comes over and In Sook happily congratulates her on going out with Dong Wook. In Ha looks on sadly and stays there looking out the window for a second before following the rest of the group.

Here we see In ha walking far behind Yoon Hee and sees Dong Wook offer to help her and the carry her bag together one in front of the other. In Ha looks away for a bit before continuing to walk. Hye Jung comes up behind In Ha and they walk together. Chang Mo ends up piggybacking In Sook across this bridge. (Love the music and the scenery is gorgeous). The group is playing hide and seek together. Dong Wook is it.

Yoon Hee choose to hide underneath the tarp and looks around and notices that In Ha is hiding in the same place. Yoon hee turns away while In Ha continues to face her. He walks closer and congratulates her. Yoon Hee replies think you. This is what everyone hoped for. For me to go out with Dong Wook. Even you said the same thing. In Ha confused by her response asks Why?. Yoon Hee turns around and walks away from him.

Dong Wook and Yoon Hee are sitting by the fire. Dong Wook asks if she is angry he told everyone about asking her out. Yoon Hee told him she was a bit shocked. He apologizes explaining that he didn't think she would come.He will try his best and she gives him a small smile.

The three guys play a song for the girls. Next they ask In Ha to play for them a new song that he wrote. In Ha tells everyone he has something to say and will tell them after he sings. He tells them the name of the song is "Love Rain" and that he isn't finished with the lyrics yet so he will just hum it but Chang Mo mentions that he saw the lyrics so In ha saids he will sing the first verse.

"On the raining evening, I saw you." "For a long time I wanted to see you" "You had no umbrella so I asked you to come under my umbrella" "la la la la la la" Yoon Hee thinks about that time walking under the umbrella with In Ha.

"Love Rain is falling" "la la la la la la" In Ha and Yoon Hee's eyes meet as he finished singing the song. Dong Wook asks In Ha was thinking of when he wrote that song and if she was the 3 second one? He then asks if the girl in the song was what he was going to tell them about. In Ha said he will.

 That's the end of this recap. Hope you enjoy.


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Blogger eunike cahya | 31 March 2012 at 22:22  

gomawo :), really love this drama :D
can't wait for episode 3 :)

Blogger Famela ♥ | 4 April 2012 at 17:16  

Goosebumps here! :) mygad, I'm already inlove with them. Gosh, thankyou Love Rain Admin! ~

Blogger Faery | 31 May 2012 at 20:09  

the song that the c'est la vie sang during the festivals, anyone know the title?

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