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Cast: Jang Keun Suk, Yoona
Broadcast network: KBS2TV
Broadcast period: 26th March 2012
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55(Korean Time)

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Thursday, 12 April 2012 - 22:48

Episode 6 Recap - #

This episode continues at the hot spring, where Seo Jun and Hana were keeping themselves warm.

Seo Jun: Usually, when guys like me talk like that to girl, most of them will be mesmerized.
Hana: My mom couldn't forget her first love forever. But she said because that was a happy memory. I also would like to experience such love. 

Hana: 1 second, 2 second, 3 second..like this? 
Hana: What's wrong? Isn't it like this?

Suddenly Seo Jun hugs her. Hana was shocked.

Hana: What you're doing?
Seo Jun: Awhile. Let's me hug you awhile. 
Hana: Are you crazy?! 
Seo Jun: I am experiencing this kind of feeling for the first time.
Seo Jun: You've fallen into my traps because of those words right? 

Seo Jun tries to kiss Hana. And his assistant interrupted him, again!

Assistant: Chief! What you're doing there? 

Seo Jun's assistant fetches Seo Jun and Hana back. He was bothered with the awkward silence,

Assistant: That..
Seo Jun: Don't you even dare to say a word.
Assistant: (He cracks another joke from Hana's joke collection, which realizing Hana's the owner of the phone?).
Seo Jun: Shutup! We will reach the hotel first right?

Assistant: Yes. Oh Ya, Professor Seo called.  He's in Hokkaido right now. If we have time, we shall go for dinner with him. 
Seo Jun: I don't have time for that. 
Assistant: No matter what, we are able to follow the schedule..
Seo Jun: It's okay.  

They reached the hotel. Seo Jun sitting on the couch, fidgety. Hana changed her wet clothes, and came out. She was wearing one of Seo Jun's shirt and pantless. Hana was feeling very shy and stretching the sleeves of the shirt.

Seo Jun: Don't stretch the sleeves, you know how expensive is that? 

Seo Jun asked Hana to sit on the couch while waiting.

Hana: But why you were like that?
Seo Jun: What?
Hana: Just now...that.. 

Seo Jun: What?! I don't remember. 
Hana: What am i going to do about this phone?
Seo Jun: Now what?
Hana: Aren't you suppose to say "sorry" or something?
Seo Jun: If it can't be repaired, I'll buy you a new one! 

Hana: You..! I'm am waiting for a important phone call. 
Seo Jun: Since just now, who were you waiting for?
Hana: My mother's first love. I told you just now. The person who made my mother happy. I heard he's coming to Hokkaido. I always wanted to meet him. 

Seo Jun: First love...what.. heh. I hate people talking about first love. I mean what you're going to say when you meet?  "my mom can't forget you until now, please meet my mom once." You are going to say such things? I really can't understand people who can't let go the past. 
Hana: It's not can't let go, it's called "treasuring/cherish". 
Seo Jun: If you want to "treasure" , "treasure"  it alone. Why keep talking about it? 
Hana: Do you have bad memories about your first love? But you said about your father's first love was true? 

Suddenly, room service person was knocking on the door. Both of them gets up the couch and bumps into each other. Seo Jun gets the washed-clothes of Hana, and passed it to her. She walks away shyly, covering her legs with her winter jacket.

Seo Jun sits on the couch and flashes back, things that happen at the hot spring. The scene where Hana was counting "1 second, 2 second, 3 seconds" appeared in his mind.  Hana done changing her clothes, she bids him goodbye, but Seo Jun insisted that he will escort her.

They came to a mobile phone shop to repair Hana's phone. Unfortunately, due to some parts of the mobile phone, they couldn't repair it by today.

Hana urges Seo Jun to go back, she can handle this by herself. But seems like Seo Jun doesn't want to leave.

Seo Jun: Ah.. cold. What is nice to eat here?
Hana: What?
Seo Jun: Food. Let's go eat. 

Hana: What?!
Seo Jun: I think your brain is not really functioning well, we haven't ate since yesterday.
Hana: I am not hungry at all. 

But they still ended up in a restaurant eating.

Seo Jun: What's wrong now? You're hungry because of me?
Hana: Why did called the same two sets of meal? I won't eat it. Initially if my mobile phone, didn't fall into the water, all of this won't happen.
Seo Jun: Initially, if you didn't enter people's room, all of this won't happen.
Hana: Initially, if you didn't take my mobile phone as hostage, all of this won't happen.
Seo Jun: Initially, if you kept your phone carefully, all of this won't happen.

Their food arrives.  The waiter says, if you want to refill, you can just call out"Rururu".

Seo Jun: What does the waiter says?
Hana: If you want to refill the curry, just call out "rururu".
Seo Jun: Heh, what's that? You're not eating aren't you?

Seo Jun pulls Hana's plate over, but Hana stopped him. While eating, Seo Jun draws a question mark(?) on the window.

Seo Jun: What is it?
Hana: What?
Seo Jun: Your name.
Hana: What you're going to do if you know it. It's better than if we don't know our names.
Seo Jun draws a exclamation mark(!) on the window.

Seo Jun: Then I'll will simply give you a name. Rururu?
Hana: Rururu ?
Seo Jun: Ya. Rururu?
Hana: How can you simply call someone, Rururu?
Seo Jun: My wish! Rururu! Aren't you not hearing, Rururu? You can eat a lot, Rururu. You're really not hearing, Rururu? Look here, Rururu.  Rururu~ 

After finish having their meal, both of them walking on the street.

Seo Jun: Why is it all snow all over the place!
Hana: Hey,
Seo Jun: Why Rururu?
Hana: Let's walk our own way from now on. Your car is over there right? You can wait awhile more, I also can wait myself alone. 

Seo Jun: Of course, why should I wait together you?
Hana: Ya, right.
Seo Jun: Bye, Rururu. 

Both of them bids goodbye,and walked their own way. Seo Jun turned around to see Hana one last time. And Hana did the same thing too. But both of them not simultaneously. Seo Jun continues to walk, and still not leaving Hana out of his mind. He turns around and checks again for Hana. But he couldn't find her anywhere.

While walking Hana, talking to herself.
Hana: He didn't even thank me for finding a good photo shooting spot. I also helped him warmed his hands, helped him to find hot spring, and clothes. 

She suddenly remembered her pink vest, that she gave him.Seo Jun went in a shop, to buy a new winter clothes. He realized Hana's pink vest, when he took of this jacket. The shop assistant asked if he wants to take away his pink vest, he tells her to throw it away.

She rushes back to find him, but he was no where to be found. She saw a shop assistant throwing her pink vest.  Hana goes into the shop and throws the pink vest at him, Seo Jun got mad and yells.

Hana got mad as well, and runs out the shop. Seo Jun follows her.

Seo Jun: Stop!
Seo Jun: Who do you think you're throwing at? Take it away, didn't you came back for this?
Hana: What?
Seo Jun: I will never wear this again. That's why I changed to new clothes. Because I won't meet you again, and can't return it to you. That's why I asked them to throw it away. Why? Am I wrong to do that? Because of this small matter...
Hana: Yes, you're wrong for throwing it away! This vest, for me who doesn't have many clothes, it's really precious. And when people like you throw away my precious vest, Sorry! 

Hana: I still have many things to say, but seems like I am wasting my time, so I am just simply scolding. I will never want to meet such idiot people like you.
Seo Jun: Stand there, stop!

Seo Jun grabs Hana's right hand. Yet, Hana's senior grabbed her left hand.

Hana: Senior. 
Seo Jun/Senior: Who are you?
Seo Jun/Senior: Let go!
Senior: What's happening?
Hana: Nothing at all.
Seo Jun: Nothing at all?? 

Hana:  Nothing at all. Let's go.

Hana then leaves with her senior, leaving Seo Jun in anger.

Seo Jun: How dare she?! 

Hana goes back to the mobile phone shop, and got to know that it's unable to be repaired. Hana felt a little disappointed because she couldn't met her mother's first love.

Seo Jun drives back to his hotel and meets his assistant. He told the photo shooting team, that he had found the photo shooting place, and asked them to standby, the next day 4am. Seo Jun went back to his hotel room, was still thinking about Hana flinging his hand away. He felt so restless.

Hana's senior escorts her back to their hotel. She tells him, the reason why she must get back her mobile phone, was because she wanted to meet her mother's first love. Hana's senior brings her back to the curry rice restaurant, she and Seo Jun ate earlier. Hana wasn't able to eat anymore, because she full from the meal she had previously with Seo Jun.

Seo Jun in his hotel room, browsing through his camera. He saw Hana's picture and he felt restless again. Hana's friend welcomed back Hana and her Senior.

Seo Jun was so jealous when he heard his assistant talking about Hana's senior is her boyfriend.  Later at night, Seo Jun went to over to meet Hana and wanted to give her the dress he bought, that afternoon.

Hana: What now? I wonder how you knew about this hotel...
Seo Jun: Is that so important?
Hana: That's why I am asking why you came looking for me?
Seo Jun: That..
Hana: If you're going to say "you're sorry"..
Seo Jun: I don't apologize to people.
Hana: Okay, don't say it.

Hana: What's this?
Seo Jun: Clothes. I really can't stand seeing you wear all this, so I bought it for you.
Hana: I won't accept it.
Seo Jun: If you don't want, you can throw it away.

Seo Jun passes the paper bag to her hand.

Hana: Throw? You seems to like throwing things a lot. I don't want!!!
Again, Seo Jun grabs her hand and looked at her sincerely.
Hana: What now?
Seo Jun: What should I do then? Isn't it like this? If I asked you to be friend, but your level is so low, that we couldn't even communicate. If I say we're just playing, but you're not that kind of person. If I want to bring you somewhere, I don't even know where to bring you. So, what should I do then?
Hana: What you're saying right now? You like me?

Seo Jun: I am crazy! What am I doing?! It's okay. What did I just said? Did I ate wrong something? Must be, must be like that.

Seo Jun turns to say something to Hana but hears his phone ring. Seo jun tries to tell his assistant that he'll call him back but the assistant tells him that they couldn't get the permit to do the photoshoot from the police department. He tells him he thinks he needs to come personally and to come right away as they need to do this before 8pm or else they can't shoot anything. And tells him he will be right there. Seo Jun hangs up and Hana tries to take her leave. Seo Jun stops her and gives her the bag telling her to wait there since he won't be long and walks away.  Hana tries to get his attention but he is gone.

Hana is sitting down inside and curiously looks inside the bag and sees the dress but doesn't think she will wear it since its see through and looks uncomfortable and notices though that it was expensive. She sits looking out the window wondering when he will come back.

In the car the assistant wonders if Seo Jun knew where the girl from the hot springs stays at since he has her ring that was found when the clothes were cleaned. Seo Jun mentions he might have overhead it. Hana sees the car and gets up. At first the assistant saids he will return it to her but Seo Jun insists that he does it.  Hana is walking out as they speak.

Assistant: I was right. You want to pursue her right?
Seo Jun: What? Pursue?
Assistant: It's as I though that it was her.  But what is it? Don't you think that you two aren't well suited? This girl looks really innocent. 
Seo Jun: What are you talking about?
Assistant:   If you're just playing that you should stop. 
Seo Jun: Whose playing?
Assistant:  Then you're being serious? 
Seo Jun: What serious? How old fashioned?  One look and you can tell that she's not my type. Is she the type of person that can be compared to all the girls i have been seeing until now? 

The assistant sees Hanna and makes a face for him to stop but Seo Jun didn't notice and continues telling him that he is just playing and that because she's innocent she is easy, she will do what you tell her and if you tell her something funny she will take it seriously.

Hana interupts

Hana: I'm sorry that I don't have common sense. 

Seo Jun turns and is surprised to see her.

Hana: I may be easy but I can't play with you because I have never played. I'm old fashioned and innocent. 

Seo Jun looks down and Hana sighed and continued

Hana: Since you told me to wait,  I thought you were going to apologize so I continued waiting without sleep. I will say one more thing. You said you could get a girl to fall for you in 3 seconds but you will never get me. Because from now on I will not look at you for even 1 second. 

Hana turns around and leaves upset muttering about how there can be this strange of a person. Lee Sun sees her and asks if she is okay and takes her upstairs. Seo Jun comes in to talk to Hana but sees her with him.

Seo Jun is taking photographs on top of a snowy mountain. On break the assistant is going through the pictures he took and sees one of Hana and asks Seo Jun about it who tells him he should delete it as he took it by mistake.

In the car, they discuss the next day's model who is a movie star known for their bad attitude. And how Seo Jun has a weird personality but he's just misunderstood and congrats him as he sees his photos everywhere.

Sun Ho and Hana are in his car. She is moving to the music in the car and makes a cute gesture. They both laugh. They are hoping they can find a room to rent today. It is likely they will need to look for a few days.

Seo In Ha returns to Korea and drives back to his studio/living quarters.  Seo Jun returns home to see wine bottles. His mom walks toward him letting him know she doesn't drink anymore and those bottles were for the directors. She is glad he cares about her and they sit down. She asks when he will join the company as she is tired.  He tells her if he joined the company it cause her more of a burden. Then discussion turns to him wanting to move out since his studio is far away but she doesn't allow it.  The discussion turns toward his dad as he changed his schedule to match his so they could talk. Seo Jun didn't see him as he was too busy. Then asks him to call his dad and for them to eat together.

Seo Jun:  That is why you don't want me to move out. You want to use me as an excuse to see Dad. 

He excuses himself and heads upstairs realizing its been 3 months since seeing Hana as he looks outside the window.

Chang Mo is calling Dong Wook and Hye Jung to make sure they are coming to his gathering for his store opening. Both are busy with Dong wook at the hospital and Hye jung at a company. He contemplates if he should tell them something especially In Ha.

In Ha is working on a painting when his phone rings. It's Chang Mo asking if he's coming and asks him if he still thinks about Yoon Hee who they heard died in America. In Ha is silent for a bit but replies no.  Chang mo doesn't continue and we find out he doesn't know if he should tell him that Yoon Hee is alive and living in Korea right now.

In Ha is sitting in the dark thinking about Yoon Hee.

Hana and Sun Ho are looking at apartments and can't find any within her price range or likes. This time she doesn't like the commercial sign she sees outside the balcony. Hana apologizes to her senior for wasting his day. He doesn't mind. She tells him that she can just quit school and work if it doesn't work out. She doesn't think there is a reason for her to go to graduate school as she doesn't need to be one to work.

Sun Ho: Then should I go to college one more time?

Hana: Together? Really? Okay. I agree. 

Sun Ho laughs  and tells her he will finish quickly and look for her. If the school over there has no problem he will talk to them again. Hana nods and tells him to go or he'll be late. he tells her to be careful.  Hana sees the ad of the diamond snow and wishes she saw it with Sun Ho and walks away. She looks at the flier she has her picture in it. She's angry and wants to call him to yell at him but remembers how she didn't want to see him ever again so he tells herself to hold it in. But at a stop sign she sees one of her fliers on the ground and people were stepping on it so she turns the car around.

Seo Jun is doing a photoshoot in his studio. The model (Se Young)  has another event to go to so tells her manager to tell Seo Jun's assistant to wrap it up and make a big deal about it. While Seo Jun's assistant asks for 30 more mins while they insist on 10. Seo Jun sees this and gets up to agree to 10 minutes.

Seo Jun: Get your pose ready. Close your mouth. Don't open it. Can't close it?

The model is confused and Seo Jun takes the one photo looks at it and saids its good and leave. Se Young is surprised and complains again as she is worried that the shot will turn out weird so they want more shots.  The assistant tells them the same excuse they used and smiles.

Hana reaches his studio and runs inside to yell at him but doesn't see him and goes back outside and looks at the sign again. The guys she saw inside lets her know that his studio is in the basement and that other customers have done the same thing as her as Hana apologizes for yelling and he shows her the way to get down to his studio but leaves before he could tell her they are shooting. She rushes down and enters yelling his name but sees nobody there. That guy she saw before let her know he probably went to the photoshoot and asked her what was wrong. She showed him her picture and how he used it without her permission. The guys smiles and asks if she wants to sue him.

The assistant is looking at his photos and praises Seo Jun on being able to take such an amazing shot in only 2 minutes. This leads to Seo Jun going on about how amazing he is and wonders if he should do only short shoots from now on. The assistant doesn't answer and gets the car. In the car they are discussion the diamond snow as the assistant mentions the saying about the two people falling in love if they see it together and teases him about Hana who told him she never wanted to see him again. Seo Jun tells him not to talk again.

Hana has fallen asleep waiting for Seo Jun to come back and notices how nobody took care of the plants as they are all yellow and dying. She walks around and notices a shed like house and goes inside. She sees a guy sleeping on the chair and slowly walks past him but he moves and pulls her down on the chair. She screams as Seo Jun and his assistant are walking back.  Hana is still screaming and tries to get up back falls back down. The guy wakes up surprised to see her as Seo Jun walks in and they see each other. The other guy tries to see if she has a fever and they both get knocked back into the chair. Seo Jun grabs her up.

Seo Jun: What are you doing here?

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