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Love Rain - 사랑비
Cast: Jang Keun Suk, Yoona
Broadcast network: KBS2TV
Broadcast period: 26th March 2012
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55(Korean Time)

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Tuesday, 10 April 2012 - 19:57

Episode 5 Recap - #
Year 2012

Seo Jun, a professional photographer was boarding a train to Hokkaido. He gets down the trains and a girl runs into him at the train station.

Seo Jun working on a project related to jewellery. He was taking shots the model at a snowy field in Hokkaido.

Assistant: What’s wrong?
Seo Jun: Why is this Julie always like this? How many times it has been?
Assistant: But I think it’s not bad. “Diamond, that makes your heart thump thump” Isn’t this your expert chief? Thump thump.
Seo Jun: What? Thump thump? I have never met someone who could make my heart thump.
Assistant: How is that possible?  You dated many girls and you didn’t have that feeling before?
Seo Jun: No. But instead, I am an expert in making people’s heart thump.

The model waves at Seo Jun, she was quite attracted to Seo Jun.

Seo Jun: See.
Assistant: Wow! She’s really proactive. But her attitude is a little proud. Currently, she’s doing well in her field.

Seo Jun gave the model a cold look.

Assistant: Chief, but why did you do that?
Seo Jun: What? I don’t hook up with the girls that I worked with.
Assistant: What? Since when?!
Seo Jun: I am tired.  Take a rest about 30 minutes; I am heading to the car awhile.
Assistant: What’s wrong with him?

Seo Jun walks to the car to get warm, somehow the model followed him back to the car with the excuse, that she wanted to warm her hands.

Seo Jun: Why you’re here?
Model: It’s too cold outside.
Seo Jun: I don’t like to be disturbed, when I am working.
Model: I won’t disturb you, I will leave after warming my hands.

Model: But you’re so different from others, 
Seo Jun: What?
Model: Did I hear wrong? You’re able to make any girl fall in love with you in 3 seconds. You know this nickname of yours?
Seo Jun: Oh, that. 
Model: That’s just rumors?  But why don’t you stop these rumors?
Seo Jun: Who told you that these rumors are fake?
Model: Then it’s true?
Seo Jun: I am getting annoyed.  I feel better to let them think that I am a Casanova. So that girls get near me and stay alert.
Seo Jun: I don’t like to date girls.
Model: Why?
Seo Jun: I don’t believe in love. I was very hurt during my first love.
Model: Really? Me too.  You were hurt, that’s why..
Model: It’s okay, tell me about it. I won’t tell..
Seo Jun: I don’t know why I am treating you like this, this kind of feeling, it’s the first time.

While he was going to do something to the model. Suddenly there was a ridiculous ringtone ringing. The model pointed at Seo Jun’s pocket, indicating that the ringtone is coming from his pocket. Seo Jun found a baby blue coloured phone in his pocket. (Maybe Hana accidentally left her phone in Seo Jun pocket, when they bumped in each other at the train station, there still no explanation about how the phone was with Seo Jun, yet) Seo Jun answered the call, with a "Hello" in Korean.

Seo Jun: Hello!
Hana: Oh! You’re a Korean!
Seo Jun: Yes.
Hana: This is my handphone. Where did you pick it up?
Seo Jun: I didn’t pick it. I just realized it was in my pocket.
Hana: How did it end up in your pocket?
Seo Jun: That’s what I wanted to ask.
Hana: Let’s meet! Where are you?
Seo Jun: Who are you?!
Hana: What?! Why did you go so far away? Please wait for me! I am going there right now.

On the other side, Hana and her friends decided to go to Furano to get back Hana’s mobile phone.Seo Jun, goes back into his car and continues to seduce the model. And this time he was disturbed by his assistant.

Assistant: Chief! The client asked to stop the photo shooting.

Seo Jun and his assistant goes to a restaurant and had a webcam session with the client.  He asked why the client wanted to stop the photo shooting. The manager told Seo Jun that it’s too mainstream to photo shoot jewellery in the snow. He asked Seo Jun to copy the style of other photographers. Seo Jun didn't want to be a copy cat and walked away. Seo Jun is a hot tempered guy.

Assistant: Chief! Chief! What you're going to do about it? 
Seo Jun: Shutup!
Assistant: No, absolutely no!

Assistant: We have not much business since the past one year. If this time we failed, we will go bankrupt. 
Seo Jun: What bankrupt! Hey! I am Seo Jun! 
Assistant: Yea, of course. Mr Seo Jun, you have a lot of property to inherit. But I have a lot of debts too. 

A phone call disrupted their conversation.

Assistant: Oh My God, What shall we do?
Seo Jun: Don't pick it
Assistant: Do you seriously want to just do photo shoot of your mother's company in the future?

Seo Jun: You dare to pick and see. 
Assistant: I can't, I have to pick it. 

While Seo Jun still throwing his temper, Hana called again. Seo Jun tells her that he has gone back from the place he was. Seo Jun blackmails her that he will throw the phone away. Hana again asked his location, so that she could go and look for him.

Seo Jun's assistant told him that the director will come over tomorrow. Seo Jun might be in big trouble. He asked his assistant to pack up the luggages. Seems like he plans to run away? Both of them reached the hotel, Hana's ridiculous ringtone rang again. Seo Jun was very annoyed.  He passed the phone to his assistant to deal with it. Seo Jun reminds his assistant that they're going to the dinner with the team and the model. This time Hana goes alone to find Seo Jun and get back her mobile phone. 

While Seo Jun was getting ready for the dinner, Seo Jun's assistant was browsing through the content of Hana's mobile phone and laughing crazily. Seo Jun teased him for peeking at other's mobile phone.

Seo Jun: is she pretty?
Assistant: I haven't found any selca picture.
Seo Jun: You won't know what you will find in a photo album of a girl  and you're looking at her album. You're a photographer, how can you peek at people's photos. 

While Assistant goes to prepare, Seo Jun peeks through Hana's mobile phone as well. He got the scare of his life, when a ghost image appeared on the Hana's phone.Is that the way Hana protects the content of her phone? Seo Jun puts away the phone, but after a few minutes later, he was tempted to look into the content of the phone again. This time, he managed to escape the hideous ghost image, and read Hana's jokes collection. He was really amused, he laughed and laughed and laughed.

Seo Jun tries to find a photo of Hana in her phone, but he accidentally saw "Diamond Snow". He was totally mesmerized by the beauty of "Diamond Snow". He suddenly gets the idea/inspiration for his advertisement shooting.Hana reached the place where Seo Jun's assistant told her. While she was walking on the street, a red car dashed infront of her, and she slipped on the icy floor. The person who got down from the car was Seo Jun's assistant.

Assistant: (Japanese) Are you okay?
Hana: (Japanese) Becareful when you're driving! How can you appear so suddenly?
Seo Jun(in the car) : (Korean) What she's saying? 

Hana realizes that they are Koreans, and she listened to what they said.

Assistant: (Japanese)Sorry, Very sorry.
Seo Jun: (Korean) Faster deal with it, and let's go. She's not even hurt. Her clothes are all okay too. Her clothes are so exaggerating, that even she falls she won't be hurt.
Assistant (English): If you...have..any problem..

Hana: (Korean) I know! So if my 
exaggerating clothes have any problem, I WILL contact you. 
Assistant (Korean) : You're Korean?! Sorry!
Hana: Watch out when you drive, having such a low standard driving skill in foreign country. 

Seo Jun was totally embarrassed and stopped talking. Both of them didn't realize that Hana is the owner of the mobile phone Seo Jun is holding. Hana reached the hotel that Seo Jun stayed, she asked the lobby if anyone has left a mobile phone for her. Unfortunately, Seo Jun and his assistant totally forgot about the mobile phone. Hana waited in the lobby for few hours, and she got really tired of waiting. She slept off.

At the dinner, Seo Jun flirts with the model and he brings her back to the hotel. Hana wakes up from her short sleep and she realizes it was so late already. Suddenly a wicked idea popped up in her head. She sneaked up to the hotel rooms, and tried to look for her phone.

Out of sudden, she heard her ringtone in one of the rooms. She tried to open the door, and it wasn't locked at all. She sneaked in the room and looked for her mobile phone. Without any obstacle, she found her mobile phone on the sofa.

She decided to do something wicked, before she leaves the room in order to revenge on Seo Jun.

Hana smirked as she opened a tube red lipstick and wrote on the mirror.  "You think I'm a person?"  (Love the mischievous music playing here). Hana opens the door to enter back into the room but sees Seo Jun come in with a woman.

Model : I can normally really drink. I don't know why I'm like this today.
Seo Jun: I know. I know.

Hana is looking around for a place to hide.

Model : It's so hot here. Should we take some off 
Seo Jun: Does that need to be said.
Hana: What? She gasps and then saids:  They wouldn't here... and then gasps and covers her mouth in realization.
Seo Jun and the model fall on the bed and both grimace in pain. They both open the covers to find lots of times under the covers.
Model : What is this? Would this be my darling's doing?
Seo Jun: What? 
Model: No. My darling  wouldn't leave books. If leaving something he would leave a knife."
She then looked away sheepishly.
Seo Jun: Wait. You have a boyfriend? And.... a knife?"
Model:  You didn't know? You haven't heard the rumors about me?
Seo Jun looks away pondering this.
Model: Don't be like this. Let's continue. And she leans in notices he already started to unbutton.
Seo Jun blocks her hands and saids. "Wait a moment. Wait a moment."
Model: What?" then she looks down and laughs and asks  "Are you scared?"

Seo  Jun laughs and saids " Why would I be scared. Wait a moment." And he gets up.

Model: Come back quickly.

Seo Jun  turns to go to the bathroom and sees Hanna and they both scream. (So cute).
Seo Jun asks what she is doing here. The model comes to see what is up and asks who she is.
Hanna replies to wait and she will say and she points to Seo Jun and calls him a hoodlum. The model calls Hanna a thief. Hanna saids she's that horrible outfit and didn't they see each other just recently.
Seo Jun looks down and grabs her phone to show him that it was hers and mentions that they just talked on the phone.   Seo Jun takes the phone back and asks if that is why she put it in his pocket. And Hana tries to grab her phone back but Seo Jun won't give it back to her. They fight for the phone and end up on the bed. Seo Jun tells the model to leave as he has to deal with this and tells her to leave quickly. Asks what she is going to do if her boyfriend finds out.

Seo Jun: Do you want to get knifed? Do you want to live?" 

The model nods and saids leaves first.  Seo Jun tells her he will see her tomorrow while still holding down Hana's arms.

Hanna tells him to let go and asks what he is doing and smiles as he looks down at her.

The assistant enters Seo Jun's room looking for him and sees all the times on the floor and wonders what happens and checks the bathroom where he sees Hana's writing on the mirror the the red liquid in the sink and he screams and falls down on the floor.

Seo Jun and Hana are in the car. Hana is complaining about her situation as all she did was to go get her cell phone. Seo Jun asks what she was doing in Sapporo. She tells him she goes to school there and that she is going to graduate soon and return to Korea. Then he saids that it wouldn't matter if she was sent back to Korea now. She saids no.

Seo Jun: If I don't go to the police station, what would you do for me?

Hana: I'd do anything.

Seo Jun then pulls over the car and moves closer to Hana. Hana replies she didn't mean this when she said anything. Seo Jun smirks and shows her a picture on her phone and asks what it is. She replies that it is Diamond Snow. Seo Jun continues to drive and stops where there is a road block sign. He asks if they are close to Diamond Snow and she replies that they need to go in more and that she went in the morning.  Seo Jun then pulls back his chair and closes his eyes. Hana wants to know if they are really waiting until morning there together. Seo Jun replies yes because he didn't see a point to going back to the hotel and that he has to find it or else he is screwed. Hana curious wants to know more but Seo Jun just tells her to let him sleep. Frustrated Hanna tries to sleep as well.

In the morning Seo Jun gets out the car and asks if Hana was going to go out but she refuses telling him she already told him the path and that she didn't ever want to see it together with him. So Seo Jun threatens to break her phone and she gets out and mutters wait until she gets her cell phone back.

Hana: You're going to go wearing that? You'll freeze to death.

Seo Jun: We're not trying to catch a polar bear. You show no style because you put on so much.

Hana: Life is more important than style.

Seo Jun: Do you know why expensive clothes are expensive? Because its thin, light and stylish and the insulation is really strong. 

He pulls up his collar with a smirk and saids isn't she going to lead the way and she does and the walk for quite some time that Seo Jun looks like he is getting cold so he asks how much further and Hana tells him it is a bit further and she teases him a bit about how he can't be cold since he's wearing expensive clothes.  He gets up and trips and she laughs softly but pretends not to which makes Seo Jun a bit angry. (So cute).

Hana stops and tells Seo Jun to hurry up since they are there. Seo Jun gets there and looks around and can't see anything and asks where Diamond Snow is.  Hana tells him its not here right now as it can only been seen during sunrise. She tells him not for about 2 hours but she isn't sure. Seo Jun then asks what they are going to do to pass the time. She thought they were just going to wait. Seo Jun turns to look at her and Hana notices. She wonders why as he asks her to take something off because he's cold and unlike her he is a important person so he can't freeze. Hana protests against it at first but once again he threatens to throw her cell phone. She reluctantly agrees and gives him her vest. Seo complains that it is too thin and wants something thicker and gloves but Hana doesn't have wear gloves. Hana mutters he is dead when she finds her phone. He tells her he can hear her and she smiles sweetly.

Seo Jun and Hana are standing around so Hana asks Seo Jun a riddle explaining that it'll be colder if they just stand there. Seo Jun suggests if he does solve it they promise to do one thing they other person wants. She doesn't answer right away but he asks if she has no confidence and she saids fine. She will let him get 5 out of 10 but Seo Jun saids he can get 5 right away. And she asks 5 and he gets them all right and that's when she realized he saw these on her phone. He saids that she didn't mention that wasn't allowed. Pouting she asks what is it that he wants and he shows his hands. She looks at him and his hand.

Hana: You want me to hold it? Why?
Seo Jun: What are you imagining? You're not a girl to me. Do you know what my nickname is? I'll get you in 3 seconds.
Hana:  I'll get you in 3 seconds.  What? A girl?

Seo Jun explains that his hands can't freeze and that she mentioned before that she didn't need to wear gloves because her hands were warm. Hana reluctantly puts her hand into his and they both go into her jacket pocket. She asks what his job is where his hands can't freeze and he tells her he is a photographer. She then realizes why he wanted to come here. To take photographs.

Seo Jun:  Why don't you want to see Diamond Snow with me?

Hana: Whether you believe it or not there is a saying that you'll fall in love with the person you see it with.

They both say if they see it together that wouldn't happen to them. After a moment she pulls her hand out of her pocket and lets go of his hand. Seo Jun mentions she has a folder on her phone called "with love" and was wondering if that was the guy she wanted to see it with. Hana is angry he saw it and he takes out her phone to go look and as they are fighting for the phone Seo Jun loses his balance and falls over in the side snow bank where he is surround by snow high up. Hana asks if he is okay  or hurt and Seo Jun mentions that he hurt his arm and this would be her fault if he can't take photos. At first Hana offers her hand but then got another idea and asks for her phone back first. But Seo Jun hesitates wondering if she would run away if he did. She replies that does she look like a person who would do that? After a moment he decides to give her back her phone which she takes happily and runs farther away stopping to thank him for her phone and that if she helped him he would try to steal it back. But she will tell someone to rescue him.

Seo Jun begins to claw his way out of the snow and manages to get back up. Angrily he looks for Hana. He then sees her staring in awe at something. She saids outloud its Diamond Snow so he looks again and quickly takes out his camera to take pictures. He turns to take pictures at another direction and notices Hana and begins to take many photos of her. She notices and asks why and he replies he's not taking pics of her only that the side is pretty so she should move. She moves and he takes a couple more of her and looks at his lens of her pic and smiles.

Seo Jun: Consider it an honour to have seen it with me.

He then turns to take more pics of the diamond snow. Hana turns to look at him but when he notices she looks away.  He returns to taking pictures and she takes out her phone to take pictures as well. They then turn to look at each other and away really quickly. (So adorable)

They return to the car. Hana mentions that he was pretty cool when he takes pictures and asks if his arm is okay and notices that he's trembling. She wraps him up and is driving the car trying to see if he is getting any warmer or have a fever. He wonders if there is anywhere warm nearby. Suddenly the car stops because there is no gas. Hana wonders what they should do and Seo Jun tries to make a phone call with Hana's phone. Looking around Hana notices a sign that might be the answer to their problems.

Back at Seo Jun's hotel room his assistance is still waiting for him wondering where he went and notices a phone ringing. First its Seo In Ha and tells him that he is Hokkaido and just to tell Jun that there was a call. Afterwards Seo Jun's call went through.

Seo Jun and Hana walk around this free hot spring. Hana tells him its a free so they can just walk in. Seo Jun suggests that she go too. She looks away and saids he's crazy. He then mentions that there is nothing to see anyway. Hana follows him and tells him he can change there. He insists she hold up the cloth to use as a dressing room as he takes off some clothes. She teases that there isn't anything to see anything. He protests there is and she looks up. (So cute).

Seo Jun is in the hot spring and asks how she found this place. Hana remembers seeing this here the last time she was here on a field study. He asks what her major was and she tells him Gardening as there are many wild flowers around. Seo Jun admires the scenery and tells Hana to go get his camera. She does so reluctantly looking at her phone. Hana tries to grab her phone while Seo Jun takes pictures. Seo Jun notices and tries to grab the phone and Hana falls into the pool as does her phone. Seo jun makes sure his camera didn't get wet and Hana finds her phone in the water and tries to turn it on quickly realizing it doesn't work. Apparently she was waiting for a call today. Seo Jun apologizes quickly and looks away.

Seo In ha was doing an interview at the inn and was asked if he had time to see a korean student today. he agreed.

Hana doesn't know what to do since her phone wasn't working. Seo Jun asks who she was going to meet but tells her after she doesn't have to say if she didn't want to since she just glared at him.

Seo Jun: Aren't you scared? 
Hana: Of What? 
Seo Jun: Me. 
Hana: What?
Seo Jun: I can get you in 3 seconds.
Hana: I don't believe it.
Seo Jun: It's true.

Seo Jun scoots over and continues:

Seo Jun: I don't believe in love. My father suffers because he can't forget his first love. My mom was happy either.  So I don't want that type of love. But this is the first time I felt like this.

He then counted 3 seconds and saw that she didn't move and moved away. He wonders if she is a girl because he tells her that him telling her that girls always fall for him when he tells them these are his first feelings. Hana moves closer.

Hana: My mom couldn't forget her first love her whole life but she was happy because the memories. I want a love like that.

She then counted to three and Seo Jun just looked at her.  She wonders if she did it wrong when he didn't respond and he pulls her closer to him asking her to wait a moment. Hana breaks apart telling him that he's crazy.

Seo Jun: These feelings are a first for me. That line you don't believe?

Seo Jun leans foward going to kiss her.

Thanks for reading :)


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