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Love Rain - 사랑비
Cast: Jang Keun Suk, Yoona
Broadcast network: KBS2TV
Broadcast period: 26th March 2012
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55(Korean Time)

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Thursday, 12 April 2012 - 11:37

Hana's quizzes - #
Try Hana's quizes from Love Rain episode 4!^^ 

 1. If a duck is frozen?
 2. What is the most hottest fruit in the world?
 3. What is the unavoidable thing, even though you know the fact that if you ate you would die?
 4. How many people can get on a lifeboat?
 5. What is the best thing that a rabbit can do?

 [Answers and Explanations]
 Hana's quiz was kind of a play on words. Let me break the meanings so that you can enjoy this tricky Korean quizes~~^^;;

 1. 언덕 (Original meaning : Hill) 언 = Frozen 덕 = Duck

 2. 천도복숭아 (Original meaning : a heavenly peach ) 천 = 1000 도 = degree 복숭아 = peach

 3. 나이 (Original meaning : age) 나이를 먹다 = eat age. It's a Korean expression.

 4. 아홉 명 (Original meaning : 9 people) 구명보트 (Original meaning : rescue boat) 구 = 9 명 = '명' is a unit which is used in when you count people. 보트 = boat

 5. 토끼는 것 (Original meaning : Escaping) 토끼다 is a Korean slang. It means 'run away'.

credits to SarangBi Official Fan Community
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