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Cast: Jang Keun Suk, Yoona
Broadcast network: KBS2TV
Broadcast period: 26th March 2012
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:55(Korean Time)

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Tuesday, 1 May 2012 - 12:20

Episode 11 Recap - #

A brief recap of the last few minutes of the last episode.

In Ha’s hands are on top of Yoon Hee as they are visiting at the hospital.  Seo Jun and Hana slowly intertwine their hands. Both of them smiling brightly at each other. Seo Jun pulls her into a hug and hugging her tightly.

Seo Jun: Thank you.

Hana smiles hearing this and put her arms around him.

Hana: I’m not sure of what you are to me. I don’t think you can be my friend, nor take you to places and play together.

Seo Jun is smiling as he hears this.
Seo Jun: Just being my partner is good.
Hana nods into his shoulder in reponse. They break apart.
Seo Jun: Now, say it again.
Hana: What? Say what again?
Seo Jun: What do you mean by “what”? Just say thing think you said earlier.
Hana: I won’t.  That is something I will only say only once in a lifetime.
Seo Jun: Oh so that’s a phrase you only say to one person once in a lifetime and you said it to me right?
Hana: Well, that’s not it.
Seo Jun: What should I do, seeing that you’re so in love with me?
Hana: You’re really a weird person.
Seo Jun: Are you really not going to repeat it?
Hana: Yes
Seo Jun: Quickly, do it!
Hana: I won’t do it. I can’t hear you!
Seo Jun: What? What did you say
Hana: I won’t! I can’t hear you. 

 Hana is covering her years and Jun is shaking her and they are both laughing so cute. They are interrupted by Seo Jun’s phone and he answers it and runs off after hearing it. Hana’s runs out but sees him gone. The other guys are there and pull her towards the sitting area to ask her questions. Jo Soo is telling her not to confess her love to him. The others guys are in agreement. She laughs off the idea of a confession. They inform her that he usually breaks up with the girl after the confession within 2 weeks and that he has another nickname “one and one-half months’ dater” since he never goes out with someone longer than that. And retell her not to fall for Seo Jun. Hana  feeling awkward in the conversation rushes off when she sees Sun Ho arriving. They guys are then predicting how long they will last. Sun Ho looks at them and smiles realizing they were talking about Seo Jun  and asks if she likes him. She denies it of course. Sun Ho then asks if she knew about her mom’s college friends. Before she could answer her phone rings and is happy to see that its her mom. Sun Ho leaves to let her talk to her mom.  Sun Ho watches her and realizes she doesn’t realize the history between her mom and Jun’s dad and he is curious what would happen the two of them if they knew.

Seo Jun rushes into the hospital room to see his father and finds is mom there. He asks how is dad is doing and his mom tells him not to worry as he wasn’t hurt too badly. His mom then mentions that someone else came to see his dad and that was probably his dad’s first love. Hye Jung sits down to wait but Seo Jun leaves upon hearing about his first love being there. Upon leaving he sees his dad with a neck brace talking to  Hana mom. He doesn’t know that yet though. He sees his dad leaving to see the doctor and continues watching Hana’s mom as she sits and waits.  Hye Jung walks around and happens to see Yoon Hee and walks towards her. Yoon Hee sees her and gets up. She is looking down and apologizes as she tells her she can’t disappear. This angers Hye Jung and she slaps her. Yoon Hee apologizes again as Hye Jung is about the slap her again but his held back by Seo Jun who takes her away and puts her into her car.   

Seo Jun is about the leave but she grabs onto his arm silently asking him to join her.  In the car Hye Jung is crying and Seo Jun silently watches. He looks away and checks his phone as it beeps.

Hana: I’m going to the arboretum to help my mom. Is everyone ok? Are you all right?

Seo Jun looks at his mom. Hana is walking home from the arboretum.

 I haven’t heard from you, so I’m wondering why and getting worried. Contact me.

Hana: He said he would be in contact. Why doesn’t he call? Did he break up with me right after I confessed? He definitely can be that kind of person.

Seo Jun sees his mom home and turns to leave but his mom holds onto him asking him to stay the night and not leave her alone. She asks for her medicine to sleep but Seo Jun urges her not to take it.  Hana is upset and typing out a message : Are you saying you’ll dump me? Are girls that easy? Are girls your accessories?  She quickly deletes part of it changing it to.  Did you really dump me?
But deletes that and starts again.  You bad guy. I knew you would do that! You jerk with not an ounce of sincerity!  But she didn’t send it as she worries that something really happened to him.

Seo Jun sits back in his old room with his head down and he thinks about seeing his dad with his first love and his mom.  Tae Sung is working out with a punching bag as he remembers what Hana told him about wanting to stay where she was.  Hana rushes out of her house looking for Seo Jun. Someone covers her eyes. 

Hana: Who is it?
Seo Jun: Guess. Who is it?
Hana: Why don’t you answer your phone? Do you know how worried I was?
Seo Jun: That’s why I came all the way here, because you might be worried.

Seo Jun hugs her from behind.
Hana: Did something happen?
Seo Jun doesn’t answer but puts his chin on her shoulder.
Hana: Acting like this just because I gave you a ring is making me feel a bit awkward.
Seo Jun looks at her and smiles and takes her hand and they walk together.
Hana: what are you doing?
Seo Jun: I want to be alone with you.
Hana: I can’t. I didn’t even lock the door.
Seo Jun: Is no one home?
Seo Jun walks towards that direction but Hana stops him.
Hana: You can’t!
Seo Jun: Why? Isn’t that a good thing?
Hana: No! That makes it even more wrong!
Seo Jun: Why can’t I?
Hana: You can’t.
Seo Jun falls as Hana pushes him and they get caught by the sprinklers as they turn on.
Seo Jun: What is this! You did this on purpose so I can’t go home right?

Seo Jun comes out in the clothes that Hana gave him.

Seo Jun: Hey, do you really only have these clothes?
Hana turns to look at him and laughs but turns around and stops.
Seo Jun: Laughing? Alright, laugh all you want.
He turns to sit down.
Hana: You are only going to wear them temporarily so just hold on.
Seo Jun: Who said I was only going to be here for a little while?
Hana: What?
Seo Jun: I’m going to stay here tonight.
Hana: I mean.. what are you talking about…  No way.. How long do you think we have been seeing each other?
Seo Jun: What are you saying? I said that because I thought you’d be scared here by yourself.
Hana: Oh is that so?
Hana looks sheepishly away and sits down on the sofa. Seo Jun looks at her and Hana looks away shly. Seo Jun gets up and starts looking around asking her where her bedroom was. Hana follows after him quickly. The first room he tries is Hana’s mom room but Hana tells him that and quickly closes the door and he heads off to find her room which Hana stops him from entering. Seo Jun diverts her attention and opens the door as she turns away. He  looks around and sees her pictures when she was younger.

Seo Jun: Wow, you were really ugly!
Hana: Why are you being like that?

Hana pushes him away.  He takes a picture of her as she turns and sits down on her bed asking her to join him and they take a picture together. He comments on how good he is as the picture turned out well. Hana grabs the camera takes a look not believing him.

Seo Jun: Wow it’s pretty cool.. that you studied and slept in this room.
Hana: I didn’t really do a lot of studying…
Hana looks at him taking a pause as she watches him looking around.

 Hana: Did something happen today? What happened for you to run out so quickly?
Seo Jun: Family matters. I feel a bit depressed. Things with my family are complicated. Because of that..I don’t believe in love. Because of my dad and his first love. But… after having met you, I’ve begun to feel like this for the very first time.
Seo Jun leans in closer and closer and stops and smiles.
Seo Jun: Your heart is thumping, isn’t it?
Hana: My heart, what?
Seo Jun: What are we going to do? You’ve really fallen for me, haven’t you?
Hana: Keep playing around.
Seo Jun gets up but Hana pulls him back down.
Seo Jun: What?
Hana puts on a seductive tone and places her hand on his shoulder.
Hana: I’ve always waited for a day like today. Tonight.. don’t go home.
Seo Jun looks memorized and leans in closer but Hana breaks the spell and turns away slightly.
Hana: No, I meant…
And she gets up but this time Seo Jun pulls her back down.
Seo Jun: After saying that, You’re going to act as if you never said that?
Hana: No, you were playing so I was playing too.
Seo Jun: Shhh You talk too much. Tonight.. I am really not going home.
Seo Jun leans in again to kiss her and they fall over on the bed.  They are interrupted by Hana’s mom. Hana covers Seo Jun’s mouth to keep him quiet. He pulls away.
Seo Jun: Hey, you told me your mom wasn’t coming home tonight!
Hana shakes her hands in response and tells her mom not to come in  as she will come out. Hana doesn’t know what to do but Seo Jun suggests that they should go out and he should greet her. Hana surprised that he would go out looking like that and realizes that his clothes were still hanging to dry. She tells him to stay inside while she sneaks out of her room quietly to grab his clothes and hands them to him and then rushes to get his shoes. She then encourages her mom to rest closing the door behind her. Seo Jun peeks out the door hearing no sound. Hana asks him to leave quickly and he gets to the door but can’t find his shoes. Hana tells him to go outside first and will give shoes later. Hana gives him his shoes thorough the window and looks at her and kisses her goodbye telling her not to come back too late. Hana smiles at this.  Her mom notices asking her about the window and she explains there are many stars out. Her mom is surprised as she heard it was a cloudy night so she wants to look but Hana closes the window quickly and directs her mom away.
Seo Jun has changed back to his clothes and is leaving Hana’s place and sees Tae Sung standing there and walks toward him. 

Seo Jun: Why do I always see you around Hana? From the way I see it, you are not the kind sunbae that Hana thinks you are. You have secrets. And a fiancée.
Tae Sung: I also know a little bit about you as well.
Seo Jun: Did  a background check on me or something?
Tae Sung: That’s why I don’t see you as a trustworthy person. I can’t give Hana to just anyone. More than anything else , I can’t do that now. Because I realized what Hana really means to me. I am going to cancel the engagement. And from now on, I am not going to be like the way I am right now.
Seo Jun: That’s why you lost her. The only think you were doing until now was measuring the situation. How kind Hana is, how honest, and warm of a person she is, I know that more than anyone else. That’s why, I’m never going to let go of her.

Yoon Hee: Hana the truth is..
Hana: Sorry mom.. What is it?
Yoon Hee: And what about you?
Hana: You go first.
Yoon Hee: Hana. I decided to start seeing Professor Seo again.
Hana: Really? I agree, agree. Absolutely agree!
Yoon Hee: During that time, when I met Professor Seo, even though I loved him dearly, my mind was in a mess. It happened so long ago. It was a memory, that I alone held onto. I kept thinking of the memories, so I was uncomfortable.
Hana: When I found out that you had such special memories, I was very grateful to Professor Seo. Because you have led such a lonely life, I felt relieved that you had such memories.
Yoon Hee: Thank you. An accident happened today that made me realize that he wasn’t just a memory. So I am starting anew.
Hana: I like that. No matter what, I agree.
Yoon Hee: What is it that you wanted to say?
Hana: I.. Mom, I think I found a person I like.
Yoon Hee: Is it Tae sung?
Hana: It’s not Sunbae. I don’t have such feelings for him. Without even having enough time to think about it, I fell for him.

Hana goes outside looking for Seo Jun. They both smile as they see each other as she goes over to talk to him.

Hana: Why are you still here? I thought you left.
Seo Jun: I wanted to see you one more time.
Hana smiles hearing this.
Seo Jun: What about your mother?
Hana: I told Mom. She said to bring you next time.
Seo Jun smiles hearing this and she smiles in return. He takes her hands into his.
Seo Jun: Nowadays, I think I am going crazy. Everytime I am with you, I feel like a different person. What is this? I like you. So you have to stay by my side and don’t leave.
Hana nods shly with a smile.  Seo Jun smiles in return.
Hana: Drive carefully.
Seo Jun: Let me hug you once. 

Hana nods slightly and Seo Jun takes her into his arms. She wraps her arms around him as well. He smiles saying this is nice.
Seo Jun arrives home to see an ambulance at his house and he rushes inside to find his mom being held down by two men.  The maid informed him that she drank too much. He goes over to his mom who asks him to call his dad. Seo Jun just shake his head.

Hana is carrying flowers back to the car with her mom telling her mom she is taking it back to the café. He mom asks if she is living alone and she saids of course and she is scared by herself but that she will be moving soon so she shouldn’t worry. Her phone beeps so he checks on it and it is a message from Seo Jun.

Seo Jun: I visited my house too. I came back at dawn. But I couldn’t fall asleep because you weren’t there. See you later? I want to see you so badly I could die.

Hana gasps reading this and smiles. Her mom wonders what’s going on and if it was that guy she liked but she insists he isn’t and hides her phone.

Seo Jun heads to the hospital to visit his dad. Both of them had a walk in the hospital garden, while having their conversation.

Seo Jun: I was here yesterday, but didn't saw you. 
In Ha: No wonder, you saw that person? 
Seo Jun sighs then continues talking. 
Seo Jun: Dad, I'm sorry.
In Ha: For what?
Seo Jun: It's all my fault. I've been torturing you all this while. 
In Ha: Jun-ah, 
Seo Jun: I thought it's always mum's fault, and I also can understand why my father wants to stay away, but I can't do it.  I always thought mum is so pity, she's been hoping for you. It's not because of dad, but it's because of mum,  my heart is in pain. 

Seo Jun: I'm sorry, dad. But can you please give mum another chance? I cannot sit quietly and watch mum destroying herself. Just take it as, you're giving up one more time. For mum, and for me. 

Seo Jun walks down the stairs, after having the conversation with his dad. His reply flashed in Seo Jun's mind.

In Ha: I'm sorry for making you life so miserable, if I could give up, I would have given up earlier, really, I can't do it. It's all my fault, I'm sorry.

After hearing his dad's answer, Seo Jun was extremely sad and angry at the same time.

Seo Jun: So that's what you mean by "love" ?

Seo Jun walks out the hospital to get his car, but he saw a familiar face opposite of the road. She was his father's first love. As he wanted to walk over, Yoon Hee calls Hana's name. Seo Jun stopped his footsteps, and realize she was calling Hana, the girl that he's in love with. Hana called her, "mother". Seo Jun got the shock of his life.

Hana glanced at Seo Jun's side of the road, he quickly hides away. Then he saw his dad, walks over to greet them. He looked like he might just break apart anytime.

Seo Jun drives his car back, with mixed feelings. His eyes were full of tears, he couldn't stand it anymore, he needs to let it out. He pull over his car at the side of the road. He just can't control his tears anymore.

Seo Jun goes to a a shooting range, to vent his feelings. But actually his purpose of going to the shooting range was for a photo shooting.

Hana, was all excited to prepare dinner for Seo Jun. She bought some groceries and unpacking it in the kitchen. She was about to send a message to Seo Jun, but was interrupted by Sun Ho.  She invited him to eat dinner, before he leaves.

Sun Ho: What's this? Do you plan to eat with Jun? 
Hana: Ah..No.. You must eat together too. I bought some beer as well. 
Sun Ho: Jun can't really drink beer, though. 
Hana: Really? 
Sun Ho: Wine or one two glasses of soju, will do. He couldn't take much alcohol. 
Hana: Oh, I see. 
Sun Ho: You planned to eat with Jun, right?
Hana shakes her head. 
Sun Ho: Okay, let me help you. 
Hana: You can cook well? 
Sun Ho: Yes, I like cooking. 
Hana: Me too. Come to think of it, we do have a lot of similarities. 
Sun Ho: No matter how, we are still drinking buddies!

After both of them finished cooking dinner, Sun Ho leaves.  Hana sent a message to Seo Jun, with a photo of dinner attached.

Hana's message: Special bonus, chance to eat dinner with Jung Hana. 

Seo Jun didn't look excited all, instead he invites all his staff for a dinner.

Hana all ready for the romantic dinner between her and Seo Jun, practise how to eat politely at the dinner table.

Yoon Hee picks In Ha from the hospital, as he was discharged today.

Yoon Hee: You want to go home right?
In Ha: The hospital said I'm all fine, please don't take me as a patient.
In Ha: Sigh, I don't want to separate just like this. Don't you want to go anywhere?
Yoon Hee: There's a lot of places that I want to go.
In Ha: So, let's go together. Starting from the nearest place.

It was raining, as they were walking along the streets. Yoon Hee talks about her life in America.

At home, Hana still waiting for Seo Jun to come back for dinner. But she was tired of waiting, she tried to call him. And yet, Seo Jun was having dinner with his staff. He keep urges his staff to drink alcohol, Jo Soo stops him from drinking, as he couldn't take alcohol much. But Seo Jun still continued drinking.

Hana heard there was a sound of car horn outside the house, she went out to take a look, but it was not Seo Jun. She was even more disappointed.

Seo Jun's staff we all done eating and drinking, they were heading back. Jo Soo, took care of Seo Jun. But Seo Jun couldn't walk properly, and he bumped into a person, he got mad and punched into that person's face. And they started fighting.

Yoon Hee and In Ha having coffee in a cafe, still talking about the past.

Yoon Hee: After my diseases was treated, I came back to Korea once. I heard the news, that you got married. From that time onwards, I tried very hard to forget you. It hurt me a lot that time, it's not because of you're getting married but it's because I couldn't think of you anymore. Our memories was a strong support, when I was getting treatment in America. Thank you for calling back my memories and turned it into reality. You also gave me courage, thank you. 

Seo Jun, all wounded, come back home late night. He saw the food that was prepared by Hana on the table. As he sighed, he saw Hana's room light still on. He walks into her room and found her sleeping. He sat at the corner of the bed, and saw she was waiting for his call all night. He caressed her hair gently, and controlling his tears. He lied down next to her, and fell asleep.

The next morning, Seo Jun was sleeping right next to Hana, facing her and with covered with blanket. Totally different from the position he was sleeping last night. As the day gets brighter, Seo Jun slept even more closer to Hana, one hand leaning on her shoulder.

Hana gasps in shocked when she saw Seo Jun sleeping next to her. Seo Jun's ouches as his hand accidentally touched his wound on his lips,

Hana: What are you doing here?
Seo Jun: Look where you hit me,
Hana: Why are you sleeping on my bed?
Seo Jun: It's not like that.
Hana: What's not like that? You slept here didn't you?
Seo Jun: You opened all the windows in my room, yesterday right? It was so cold, that's why I came here.
Hana: I didn't. What's wrong?

Hana saw the wound on Seo Jun's lips. While she helps him to apply medicines on his wound, Seo Jun keep yelling in pain.

Seo Jun: Ah..hurts.
Hana: That's why I keep telling you not to be so harsh to people. What's all this? So seriously wounded.
Seo Jun: Who got beatings? I'm in this condition, can you imagine what happen to the other party? Nearly dead. Seems like 17 vs 1..
Hana: Ohhh..So there were 17 staff, went for photo shooting..
Seo Jun: What? How did you know?

Seo Jun: Ouch, hurts!
Hana: Are you okay? Don't get hurt next time, I don't like to see you being hurt.
Seo Jun: Sorry to keep you waiting, yesterday.
Hana: You make me wait, everyday.
Seo Jun: That's why, it shouldn't be that way. You should have just break up with this kind of guy.
Hana: Really?

Hana: But, what's the matter?
Seo Jun: Nothing.
Hana: Really?
Seo Jun: (nods his head) Really.

Hana doing some carpentry work in the garden,  Seo Jun reading something on his tablet. He got curious, and goes over to see what she's doing.

Seo Jun: Isn't this more than 600mm? 
Hana: Really?
Seo Jun: You drew this right?
Hana: You're not even helping.. 

Hana continues to do her carpentry work, and one of the wooden block fell on her leg. She yelled in pain. Seo Jun worriedly went over to see her.

Seo Jun: YAAAAAAA! Are you okay? 
Hana: Ya, okay.. 
Seo Jun: Can't you be more careful? 

Seo Jun brings her to sit at the side, and tell hers

Seo Jun: You sit here and don't move.
Hana: Can't! I need to finish it by today.
Seo Jun: I told you not to move!
Hana: Then how? 
Seo Jun: I'll do it for you. 
Hana: Even if you follow the diagram, it won't be that easy though. 

Seo Jun tried working on it, one time.

Hana: Not bad. 
Seo Jun: I'm the kind of person where I can learn by looking at it one time. And of course, perfect than anyone else. 
Hana: Started again, let's me do it too. 
Seo Jun: You just sit there and sleep. 
Hana: Let me do it too. 
Seo Jun: I'll help you do it. Till now,  I haven't even help you in anything. 

As Hana looks upon from the side, Seo Jun helps her to do the carpentry work.

Almost all the work in the garden, completed. Seo Jun asked Sun Ho and Hana if the plants were fitted in well. Mi Ho comes and interrupt them.

Mi Ho: Oppa! (Brother)
Sun Ho: You're here?
Seo Jun: Why you're here again?
Sun Ho: Don't know who's sister is she.
Seo Jun: Go away.

Suddenly, Mi Ho remembers about her dad's old photo she saw in the study room. There was a photo of a girl that looked exactly like Hana.

Mi Ho: Oh right, you look exactly alike.. right oppa? That picture.
Sun Ho: What you're talking about?
Mi Ho: The picture that we saw together, she looked exactly like the one in dad's photo... (Sun Ho covers her mouth)
Sun Ho: Why you're here today?  What's this?
Hana: What you're talking about? What photo?
Seo Jun: What photo?
Sun Ho: Nothing..nothing.
Mi Ho: Oppa, what's wrong with you?
Sun Ho: I asked you what's this?
Mi Ho: Aunty is sick right? I made some food, myself. Took about 3 hours.
Sun Ho: I thought it was done by mum this morning.
Mi Ho:  I received call from your mum, she said she liked me very much. She asked me to go back with you, are you coming? If you don't come, Aunty will be sad.. You want to make sick people even more sad?
Sun Ho: So I will go to, I haven't seen your mum lately.

Sun Ho then explained to Mi Ho why it's not appropriate to let Seo Jun to know about the girl in the photo. He gives her some weird explanation, and yet she believed.

All the 3 of them bids goodbye to Hana, who was still doing her work in the garden.

Seo Jun: Goodbye. 
Hana: Okay. 

Hana looked at him unsatisfied, and turned to do her work again. But Seo Jun still walked away. She was sulking to herself, and her phone rang. It was her mum. Seo Jun changed his mind and goes back inside to talk to Hana. Seo Jun overheard Hana talking to her mum over the phone, reminded him about what's he going through. He bends down beside Hana.

Seo Jun: Your mum called?
Hana: Yes, why?
Seo Jun: I said I will come back, but you looked upset. 
Hana: Your mum's sickness is very serious? Go faster.
Seo Jun: See you later. When I come back later, let's eat together. Dress up nicely. 

Finally a smile appeared on Hana's face.

When the three of them reached Seo Jun's house, they heard his mum quarelling with his father. Sun Ho asked Mi Ho to leave. Seo Jun goes upstairs to look at his parents. He asked his father to leave. Then he left the house.

He waited for Hana at the playground, they went for a date.

Seo Jun: Just now, you were happy about what your mum said?
Hana: My mum met her first love again, both of them went dating at the places, they went before.It's so romantic right? They look so happy, so I am happy too. 
Seo Jun: Oh, I see. Your mum's happiness is really that important for you? More important than your own happiness? 
Hana: Hmm, yes. I'm not sure if this is a lie, but I'm like that. Till now my mum tried her very best to keep me happy, but mum and that person are quite pity. They can't be together even if they liked each other.

Seo Jun stopped his footsteps,

Hana: Why? 
Seo Jun: What if... I say what if.. 

Seo Jun suddenly spots his dad waiting at his studio, he quickly drags Hana to another alley.

Hana: What's wrong ?
Seo Jun: We shall stop now. Let's breakup. 

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